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Monday, May 9, 2011

Little Miracles and Other Things that Make Me Happy, May 9

Lots going on, it seems like. Lots of strange, difficult, beautiful, wonderful, joyful things.

First, about those little miracles. I wrote a while ago about moving to Oregon. Well, I was able to move up my moving date to the 19th of this month. I found a place to live that seems wonderful, with a very kind person managing the place, and the price is shockingly fantabulous. I updated all my job applications that I've been sending out with my new address and move date, and got an email back asking to do a phone interview. Stoked, of course. So I did the interview, and I got the job. First remote hire they have had, and considering the economy of the times, I kind of still don't know how it happened. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed. And if that wasn't enough, I just found out via Facebook that the person renting the other room at my soon-to-be-new house may be someone I know from BYU. It is one dang small, crazy, generous, bizarre, chancy, beautiful, miraculous world.

Other things that make me happy: today is the release date for Hugh Laurie's blues album called 'Let Them Talk.' It's only releasing in the UK (bitter envy) but you can download a free song from the site. Sexy rugged Brit + blues music=me + happy.

I got to take my lil sis to Lagoon yesterday. (Lagoon is a pretty cool amusement park in the middle of nowhere Utah, for you non Utahrds.) I'm so glad I got to spend some time with her before I leave, and we had a super good time even though our main topic of conversation was how much we missed Disneyland.

Speaking of sexy men, I mentioned yesterday that I watched Sound of Music. Captain Von Trapp is still making me happy. So is 'Grumpy Old Men.'

'Domesday Book' by Connie Willis. Anything by Connie Willis, really.

The person at Lagoon yesterday wearing the Doctor Who/David Tennant t-shirt.

Whats making you happy today? There better be something. If not, you can always write about it. Thats happy.

Sarah Allen


  1. I'm happy it's Monday. My day off from hair loppings. I can write, write, and write.

  2. Many, many congrats on the move and the job! It was definitely a God thing. :-)

    Today, I am happy for the fan keeping me cool in my office building (and last week we were freezing...darn old buildings anyway), chocolate, and memories from yesterday's splendid Mother's Day spent with my hubby and darling daughter.

  3. I'm with Shelly..just happy that it's Monday. Though I would like my hair cut!
    Maybe you can plan a trip to Disney with your sister for next year. Give her something to look forward to and she might not think about how much she misses you so much.
    I'm taking a 7 year old and a 10 year old on a Disney cruise next year!
    I'm all about making great memories.

  4. Big Dr. Who fan here. You get extra points for posting this pic! ;-)

  5. Many congratulations on your good fortune!

    I did some show shopping today. I hate to be the stereotypical woman, but that makes me happy. :)

  6. Oh and thanks for that link to Hugh Laurie's song! I've always known he was a musician but wow. That song is great. I didn't know he was putting out an album. I hope it becomes available over here.

  7. Love the new look! I am happy for finding the Civil Wars, such good music, so inspiring. I am also happy that I simply feel good. :)

  8. Hi
    thanks for visiting my blog :-) I've been reading through yours and discover we have a few things in common. I live in Utah, I love the Grumpy Old Men movies, AND I have recently decided (after a long and heated battle with myself) that kindles *may not* be entirely evil.
    Following you now on google and subscription,

  9. This entry made me happy, for starters! Congratulations! That all came together so beautifully.

    I wish I were going to Eugene anytime soon. It looks like my son's being sick is going to use up all the summer visit days I'd counted on, dagnabit.

    The good news about this all was that I got--and will likely get again--tons of cuddle time with my sweet little man, who's usually too busy running around to stop for many cuddles these days. I cherish those cuddles, even if they're brought on by ear infection! (And even if I'd rather the ear infection go away . . . !)

  10. Thank you for your comment on my recent post, you have a great blog!

    Must admit... that picture of David Tennant makes me happy :D

  11. Getting outdoors with my family always, always makes me smile. There is nothing like running around in the grass or exploring a trail.

  12. Even though I seem to be a day late, today has been a great day. It's the little things right?

    First, as I sit here writing this, I am watching a Harry Potter movie. Always makes me happy.

    Second, I just found out that I have been listed in the credits of a book about Cold Case Investigations (my previous career)

    Third, as part of my other, other job - a karate instructor - I will most likely be the target of pie throwing at a charity event on Friday. The whip cream pies will be CHOCOLATE!

  13. Great comments, everyone! Thanks for the kind words, and I've so loved hearing your happy thoughts for the day. Thanks for sharing!



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