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Saturday, May 28, 2011

6 Word Saturday

I believe it was Ernest Hemingway who came up with the 6 word story idea, or at least accepted the challenge to try and created one of the best 6 worders ever:

For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Here's my try:

Funerals were funny, but not his.

Not as complete as Hemingway's, but its a fun challenge. Quite a challenge.

What have you got?

Sarah Allen


  1. How about ...

    She pounced. He squeaked, just once.

    These could be fun to work on!

  2. I'm on this fairy tale haiku kick, so I like challenges like this. I mean, telling a complete fairy tale in a haiku? Let alone 6 words???

    Here's my attempt:

    In demand, true love, no price.

    Castles, made of sand, fall.

    Happily ever after, a fairy tale.

    Prince finds princess, a perfect beauty.


  3. I've been having problems with Blogger too! Won't let me comment unless it's a pop-out box like you have...also my followers disappeared as well...think they're back now, hope this is all ironed out soon!
    I love this challenge Sarah! 'bout this...

    Blogging brings connections,Blogger unconnects us

    If it's alright with you, I'd like to mention this 6 word story idea on my it okay?
    peace to you!

  4. Burning sun cries, dreaming winter starlight.

  5. Cold air meets warm, storms ensue.

  6. MaMa of five daughters, lotta drama.

  7. I love this meme....and your 6 word story is fab!


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