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Monday, May 20, 2019

4 Non-Spoilery Writing Lessons from Avengers: End Game

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1. Characters can feel SO REAL. We've spent so much time with these characters, particularly the original six. We've seen them behave well and badly, seen them victorious and devastated. I think it's seeing this range, seeing how differently each of them reacts in difference situations makes them feel like people we know.

2. Even action is enhanced when character is king. To be honest, this is where I think Marvel has excelled where DC has struggled. When we get a chance to see the characters move in normal life, and react with the people they love--when we know their quirks and eccentricities, then when the action is at a climax we are that much more invested. In the midst of big action and heavy battles we can get small moments of humor or crushing moments of poignancy, because we know these people and care about them. Man do we care.

3. SYMMETRY. ALWAYS SYMMETRY. Ok. Ok. I don't mean everything is about symmetry but man the Roussou brothers brought the story to such balanced symmetry I still almost can't bring myself to talk about it without getting teary eyed. Oh gosh it was so good. Whatever else happens symmetry can make your story feel not just complete but resonant in a way that will stay with your reader for ever and ever. If you do it as brilliantly as this movie it will ring in your bones for days.

4. Robert Downy Jr. deserves ALL THE ACADEMY AWARDS. Ok, not really a writing lesson here, unless you can figure out a way to distill the perfect purity that is RDJ into your writing. More just a statement of fact.

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