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Monday, February 26, 2018

Car Wash

Image Source
Car Wash

Whoosh, thwump, squirsh, squee
wax and polish, shampoo eddy
weesh weesh weesh wee
hwomp hwomp squeegy
whurring rub and tires shiny
pastel pink blue bubbly
whoosha hula jalousie
off dust, dirt, and debris
off boot print, mud sprint, miles of me
back with more miles soon as can be
no more of my miles can you see
the road isn’t new, but am I?

Monday, February 19, 2018

If Mrs. Clause Was President

Image Source, Stephanie Lee

If Mrs. Clause was President
I think that'd be pretty great.
If Mrs. Clause was President
there'd be smiles in every state.
She'd take care of us 364 days a year
while her husband took care of the one.
She would make sure each kid has a warm place to sleep
and never stop till she was done.
If Mrs. Clause was president
she would know every child by name.
She would welcome the white folks and brown folks
and black folks and all kinds of folks just the same.
Whenever our country had problems,
like our mom she'd have thoughtful advice.
She'd see each of us as our very best selves
whether we had been naughty or nice.
There would be fewer people out hurting each other
'cause weapons would only be toys
and she'd care for all creatures from Blitzen to Vixen
from Oregon to Illinois.
If Mrs. Clause was president,
I think that'd be pretty great.
But maybe if we treated all people like she would
we'd make smiles in every state.
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