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Monday, June 25, 2018

Pet Diaries

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Pet Diaries

Yay! I love you!
I love the smell of your breath in the morning!
I love the sound you make walking on the squeaky stairs!
Squeaky! Yay! I love my squeaky!
I love that you’re pouring kibble in my bowl!
I love the chew marks on my bowl!
I love my rawhide that’s broken in half
and the fresh one on top of the washer
where I can stare at it
all day long!
I love the taste of toilet bowl water
Because it almost tastes like you!
Love, love, LOVE!!!
the dog

Dear Sirs:
I am sorry to say my orders have not been followed.
Perhaps I was not clear that from the hours of 11-3 p.m., I am to be left
Undisturbed. I will permit some level of frolic only outside those hours.
Another matter: you can imagine my horror when, on Tuesday last, upon leaping
Up to the living room windowsill, which, as you are no doubt aware,
Is my spot, I was confronted by a horrid collection of those plastic things
The smallish one calls Lego’s. It made my nap extraordinarily uncomfortable.
I’m sure this will be addressed in the future,
As will the unappetizing temperature of my dish.
Oh, one more thing.
Could you please do something about that obnoxious canine?
He was drinking out of the toilet again.
From her Majesty,

The Cat

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Dragon Inside

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The Dragon Inside

The dragon in my closet
left a black mark on my shoe.
She tore my jeans—and flip-flops
are her favorite thing to chew!
The dragon in the kitchen
always burns my whole wheat toast.
He scorched the trash compactor
but he makes a good pot roast.
The dragon in the parking lot
roars at all the buses
while they unload all the kiddies,
and he blazes, growls and cusses.
The dragon playing dodgeball
blows her short fuse every time.
One dragon burned my homework,
and the teacher thought that I’m
the one who's doing all the damage.
The secret though, you see,
is these dragons all got nothing
on the dragon inside me.

-Sarah Allen

Monday, June 4, 2018




I have been waiting years to make this announcement.

I sent my first agent query in 2012. It was for my first book which was rejected very justly for a multitude of reasons mostly being that it sucked. I still have a special place in my heart for that book.

Four books and hundreds of rejections later, I can finally announce.


It's been a few weeks now, and we've actually been on sub to editors for a month. I can't even believe I get to say that.

I'll do a longer, more in depth post about how it all went down at another time, I think. For now, its just celebration time!!

If you have agent questions or just need query trench commiseration feel free to comment and I'll be there for you!

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