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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 things every writer should have in their car

For various reasons, many of us spend a large amount of time in the car. Road trips, commutes, soccer practice drop-offs, all sorts of things. So here are some things it might behoove us writers to keep in our cars:

-Notebook. You should have this with you wherever you are.

-Audiobook. Keep a couple in the car for those times when you'll be in there for a while.

-Cigarette lighter adapter for your laptop. For those times when your stuck in the car for a while and someone else is driving. Then you don't have to worry about your laptop battery running out.

-Business cards/bookmarks. Make a goal to give out five a day. I've even heard of people sticking them inside books at the bookstore.

-Copy of your portfolio/book. Letting someone hold in their hands a book with your name on it has a much bigger impact then just saying your a writer. Keep copies of your book with you to sell, market, or occasionally give away. And keep copies of your short work too, poetry and short stories. You never know when you'll meet a magazine editor or publisher who wants to take a look at it.

-Bumper sticker of your book. Ok, so this technically goes on your car, but you may as well use your vehicle as a marketing device.

Hope this helps. What other things do you writers keep in your car as a useful tool?

Sarah Allen


  1. Nice blog, and very useful! For me though I always have to have snacks as well as writing supplies. But I guess that could be considered supplies? :)

  2. I always have the notebook, lol. Nothing else really, but I will keep this in mind when I have copies of my book to give out. ;)

  3. I never even thought of the business card idea! And I second audio books for roadtrips-there's only so many times even I can listen to "Bad Romance" without pulling my hair out.

  4. That all sounds very useful to have with you.

  5. Great, fabulous, and fantastic advice.

  6. Great advice. I would add (maybe this goes with the notebook) PENS, plural. Because inevitiably when I am trying to jot something down at a stoplight, my pen is out of ink, LEAKING ink, or dropped into the crevice between the seats.

    Also, I keep some kind of book - on writing, short stories, poetry - to read while I am stuck waiting somewhere, that STAYS in the car - not the one I am currently devouring in non-writing hours.

    Writing in Flow

  7. Those are really good ideas. That's something I've never stopped to think about, actually.

    Those stacks and stacks of books in that car are making me drool, also.

  8. I have to say that if that was my car, with all those books, I'd never leave the parking lot! I'd spend the rest of however long just sitting and reading.

    But... for the road trips, yes notebooks, many pens, laptop, snacks, coffee, and wireless card.

  9. HAHAHA. Love it!

    I hope your move was good :)

    Also, I hope that is really a picture of your car full of books...

    I dread the day I must move out of our old apt. I will have to ditch all my clothes and other possessions so I can fit my books into the moving truck.

  10. I have heard of stories where authors wear a shirt that has the name of their book on it and it also says "ask me about my book" printed on the front and back.

    If you do any selling of hard copies of your book, I would think having a mobile credit card app like "Square" for your phone would be handy as well.


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