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Monday, March 19, 2012

Writing Lessons from Thor. The movie. Not the god.

I'll be honest here. When I took my brother to see Thor in theaters, my main reaction was pretty much:

The rest I was kind of just, meh. So when my former roommate/one of my bestest friends saw it and became OBSESSED (I mean obsessed obsessed. I'm talking look up the word obsessed in the dictionary and it would be a picture of her. After the picture of me) I was, frankly, surprised.

But she's in town this week, and nothing is as wonderful as being obsessed together, even though it may scare other people sometimes, and we've been geeking out about it and all the things, and whether I'm just easily infected or whatever, I'm officially in the ranks of those freaking out about The Avengers movie coming out on May 4th.

So here's what I've learned from this new introduction to Thor:

1. A sympathetic, complex villain is absolutely key. And sexy.
Snape. Benjamin Linus. Mr. Gold. The Phantom. Need I say more?

2. Biblical and Mythological basis/allusions are awesome. It automatically adds scope, history and complexity to whatever story you're writing. I honestly believe it reaches and connects people on a deeper, more universal level, which is part of its mythos. So yeah, reading and studying is good. And watching super hero movies.

3. Subtlety works magic. I'm a big fan of subtlety, which is honestly why super hero movies aren't typically my favorite. They're not about being subtle. However, Tom Hiddleston is. And really, for this movie, that's enough.

4. Women kick butt. Ok, ok, so I still haven't quite forgiven Natalie Portman for Star Wars, but she wasn't my favorite in this one either. (Meryl Streep should have done it. Just saying) However, I did appreciate that they emphasized strong, smart, and courageous kick butt women, even if they weren't totally developed.

5. Virus' do their job well. This is not the first time my roommates have infected me. (The Next Generation, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Firefly, Doctor Who...all their fault.) Granted I'm easily infected, like I said, but I still wouldn't have enjoyed it all as thoroughly as I did without their being some inherent awesomeness in the things they exposed me to. If you can infect a group leader, you infect the group. Word of mouth is something you want on your side.

So yeah, hope this helps. More pictures of Chris Hemsworth? Oh sure, why not.
Mmmm :)

Sarah Allen


  1. Also Joss Whedon as screen writer and director for The Avengers? Yesthankyouverymuch.

  2. I think your roommates are doing an awesome job infecting you - they've got great taste!

  3. Between Chris Hemsworth here and Liam Hemsworth in the Hunger Games...excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my computer.

    And speaking of obsessions, thanks to you I am now a Downton Abbey addict.

    Coolthanks :D

  4. Interesting. As a male author I am constantly looking for blogs and commentary from ladies. I jokingly write about them once a month in my blog called the "The Female Code."

    Thanks for a few tips on viral infectious, obsessed, and drooling roommates. This should be fun. Does this mean men with muscles is back?

  5. Loved this movie! And your breakdown (and the pics:))is fantastic. Go Thor!

  6. I can't even picture you being obsessed with some dude. Not sweet,little Sarah. No way.

  7. The visuals in Thor blew me away. Yes, Chris included. I want to skip down the bifrost.

  8. I promise I read this post. It was about ... uh ... I just need to check those pictures again. maybe they'll remind me.


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