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Friday, March 23, 2012

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

No spoilers, don't worry.

So it's three in the morning and I just got back, so these thoughts are preliminary, scattered, and written on a very empty angry stomach, but I need to get my thoughts out.

Because guys, it was awesome. Really, really well done. Totally enthralling, and I literally jumped higher and screamed louder than I have ever in a movie before. You'll know which part I'm talking about.

YA dystopia is definitely an acquired taste for me, meaning it took prolonged exposure and conversation with friends (i.e. my roommates) who consider it their favorite genre, to convert me. I think it has something to do with my frequent difficulty in relating to the heroine in a lot of YA books, something to do with their being way awesomer and, to be honest, a little stupider than me. And given my propensity for older, slightly weathered, damaged men (see Aragorn; Snape; Edward Fairfax Rochester), it's probably not surprising that I don't usually find the teenage love interests, well, interesting. Hence my incredible difficulty in writing YA love interests, which actually only makes me want to give it a serious go at some point. But really, give me Mr. Darcy or Arthur Clennam any day.

Having said all that, I do legitimately love YA literature, and like I said, plan to try my hand at some point. And I really liked this movie. Yes, I'm coming back to it. Some slight awkward moments, (me and teenage romance...hmmmm), but also kind of hilarious. But mostly terrifying and scary. Not something to bring you're six year old to, obviously. Some fantastic acting (Stanley Tucci anyone?), good pacing, great graphics. Mostly I appreciated how well they kept to the source material. Actually one of the closest I've seen. It was fabulous to be sucked in like that, and we all were, let me tell you. This is why I love midnight showings. The crowd energy is tangible.

Anyone else go? Planning to? Once you see it let me know what you think.

Sarah Allen


  1. I'm going on Saturday and I can't wait! It looks awesome.

  2. I haven't seen this yet or read the books, but I have friends who are absolutely obsessed with it.

  3. If half of what you say is true, then I guess I can breathe easy now. I was really scared of this movie going the way of Percy Jackson. But critic reviews have been quite positive (an 87% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes). I usually wait for the DVD to come out, but I guess I might make an exception this time around.

  4. I'm going monday and I cannot wait! I've heard that it's really faithful to the book, which is always good to hear :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. We're going next week. I'm so relieved to read the good reviews that are starting to circulate :-)

  6. I loved it! I had low expectations (I just love the series so much) and this far exceeded them. And yes. Stanley Tucci. Impressive to the umpteenth degree. Jennifer Lawrence's performance (and I was so ready to dislike her) blew me away.

  7. Saw it yesterday and loved it. The scene when Katniss looks up and gives the "sign" had me sobbing. Stanley Tucci was terrific, as usual, and Donald Sutherland was appropriately creepy.

  8. I am planning to go but I promised my husband I'd wait until he got back so I could see it with him.


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