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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Titles ideas from the notebook

I gather title ideas in the back of all my creative writing notebooks, and it's been a while since I've given a list of some of them. So here goes:
  • Rise Ye Sunken Ships
  • Lilith Don't Live Here
  • Aftermath
  • The Honey Union
  • How To Land on the Moon
  • How To Spy in French
  • Refrigerated Voice
  • Through the Clowns Mouth Darkly
  • The Darker Side of Yodeling
  • Blow with the Harmattan
  • What I Really Learned at Traffic School
  • The Boots My Mother Gave Me
  • If Leaves Fell in Springtime
  • This Time Not in Petticoats
  • On a Solo Saxaphone
  • The 9 1/2 wives of Oscar Pickendoom
  • 13 Ways to Love a Black Boy
Hee hee, that was fun :) I like looking through my old notebooks, and titles are fun. Do you have any fun title ideas? Which of these do you like best, and what story ideas do they inspire?

Sarah Allen


  1. If Leaves Fell In Springtime is definitely calling out to me! What a great idea to write book title ideas down!

  2. I'm a big fan of "This Time Not In Petticoats"

    It has clear entertainment potential.

  3. I rather like 'How To Spy in French'. It conjures up pictures of a spy/romance novel.

  4. Lilith don't live here.

    Who is the mysterious girl in black that Michael keeps seeing entering the upstairs apartment, and why do the people who live there deny all knowledge of her?


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