Friday, September 2, 2011

Finding an Ilene

If you don't subscribe to vlogbrothers, you should. If you haven't seen John Green's latest video, here it is:

First of all, this video makes me feel so much better. Very nice to hear that post-graduation is terrifying for pretty much everyone.

Secondly, John gives some fantastic advice here. Get an Ilene. But I want to know how to get an Ilene. How do you find a professional/experienced person in your desired field who is willing to mentor you, let alone talk to you? I suppose the internet makes finding potential Ilene's relatively easy, but how do you go about contacting them, and what in the world do you say? "I was wondering if you would be my Ilene."

Anyway, just thought I'd ask for your thoughts. Do any of you have Ilene's?

Sarah Allen


  1. Successful timelord rockband! The Timelords is my fictional band for the x-box game Rock Band. HAHA Take that adulthood.

  2. A great video. As for an Ilene, I have no idea how you'd get one. Good luck finding one!

  3. Maybe Ilene comes in the happy meal at McDonald's? I sure wish it were that easy.
    What an awesome video. Love him.

  4. I loved that video, especially when he mentioned Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children. I really really want to read that book!

    Who wouldn't want an Ilene? I suspect you can't actively look for one, it has to happen.

  5. I love John Green just a little more every time I watch one of his "nerd" videos or read one of his books.


  6. Isn't he great? Thanks for the comments guys!



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