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Sunday, September 4, 2011

God Caught a Cold

"God Caught a Cold" by Cynthia Rylant

And he was such a baby.
He never caught colds.
He loved to brag about it.
And now here He was:
snot nosed.
It's hard to be
with a cold.
It's hard to
when it comes out
"thou shalt dot!"
Nobody takes Him
And besides,
He wanted some comic books
and juice
and somebody to be
nice to Him.
He called up His
old friend
Mother Theresa.
He asked her to
come over and see Him.
He asked could she
bring some comic books.
And of course she did.
Mother Theresa loves
all who suffer.
Even God.
Maybe Him a little more.


  1. That's wonderful. Who doesn't want comics and juice? Even God :-)

  2. I loved this :) Thank you! Poor God. Maybe I should send him some chicken soup.

  3. Thank you for validating my love of comic books.


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