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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Someday I will be a published author.
Someday I will win literary awards and be published in the New Yorker.
Someday someone will come up to me on the street and ask for my autograph.
Someday I will earn enough money from books to afford trips to London and cruises to Alaska.
Someday I will have a house and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy. Tricolor.
Someday a boy who I love will love me back and we will get married in December and go on a romantic honeymoon to Alaska and live in a house with a big library and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy.
Someday I will adopt a little boy and name him Linus.

Today I will write.
Today I will submit my writing to competitions and to the New Yorker.
Today I will make sure my roommates know they are special.
Today I will not go over my budget.
Today I will read and look at pictures of puppies.
Today I will be happy with myself, my family, and my books.
Today I will play with my little sister and make lesson plans.

Oh today.

Sarah Allen


  1. Wonderful! So honest and realistic and hopeful. Today can turn into Tomorrow.

    (I would settle for #1!) And it is now the season of submission.

  2. What a great pair of lists!! The dream list and the goal list. :) Best wishes to fulfill everything (or at least most!) on your dream list.

  3. That's lovely Sarah, a wonderful blend of dreams, ambitions and goals :-)

  4. Lovin' it! You go, today, and someday will be within reach.

  5. So beautiful Sarah! You are on the right path and your somedays will turn into todays. Cheers!

  6. I love your attitude. You are a beautiful young woman, inside and out. May all your dreams come true!

  7. Hope you have more wonderful days and my all your dreams come true.


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