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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Yar

I've always loved pirate stories. I still consider seeing Pirates of the Caribbean (the original) one of the greatest theater experiences of my life.

Not to mention Captain Jack Sparrow is just plain hot.


I also just like the word 'yar.' It looks strange and is fun to say and has a great meaning.

The definition of yar in the nautical sense is a ship that is easily maneuverable, answers swiftly to the helm. If your ship is yar, she responds swiftly to your touch, and goes easily here you steer her.

Perhaps one of the key ingredients to making our own writing careers "yar" is momentum.

I know that when its been a while since I've written or pitched or queried or done my social media, it takes a lot more effort to get back into it. But when I've made writing and submitting and marketing a habit--part of my daily schedule--then things go much more efficiently and easily. I feel I have more control. My writing life is more "yar".

I'm still getting back in the habit on some of those things, but I've been mostly doing better with the daily writing, which obviously the most important. Keep going, keep working to get in those good habits, and then when you wake up in the morning and ask yourself, am I ready to kick some writing butt today? you can look in the mirror and grin mischeviously and say, "Aye!"

Write on!

Sarah Allen

p.s. So, I know I've put up some of my video poetry videos lately, but I just uploaded a new one and wanted to show it to you guys too! I had fun, its definitely a different style and tone than I've done before :) It's called Sometimes You Wish You Could Fly.


  1. When it's a habit, you don't think about it - you just do it!

  2. Exactly! It's getting in those habits that's the difficult part.

  3. And here was me just thinking it was pirate for "yes"! We should all be more yar. :)

    1. Pirate lingo is just fun generally, no matter what it really means :) I wish more yar-ness on us all :)

  4. I think the only time yar was used was in High Society by Grace Kelly and possibly Bing Crosby. I don't think pirates used that word prior to that time. They did say Ah a lot though. It always sounded like argh.

    1. Hmmm, interesting! You learn something new every day :)

  5. You always inspire me to kick my writing life into gear, you know that? And what better way to do it than with Jack Sparrow? ;)

    1. Awww, that is so sweet :) Your posts inspire me too!! The blogosphere is awesome :)

      And I agree, everything's better when done with Jack Sparrow ;)


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