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Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Pushing Daisies

Where do I start about Pushing Daisies.

I think with this show I have either discovered an unknown gem or, more likely, I'm just super behind the times and have finally come on to something that everybody else has known about for years. In fact I do remember a little bit of an explosion when the show was canceled early and now I can join that kerfuffle and say I TOO AM UPSET.

This guys, this show. It has the adorableness of Kristin Chenoweth and a golden retriever named Digby and pies and bringing people back from the dead and the piningness of two people in love who can't touch or one of them will die.

I can hardly take the pining, you guys. It is just so amazing. The cinemtography is absolutely GORGEOUS. And you know Jim Dale, the incredible, genius, award-winning narrator of the Harry Potter audiobooks? Yeah, he's the narrator of this show.


Mostly because of Lee Pace. Lee. Pace. I can't take this face, you guys.
and this
Anyway, Imma go now before I geek all over you guys, but let me just say, if you haven't already, watch this show!

Sarah Allen

p.s. I know yesterday and today were both nerdgasms about shows, hope thats okay :) Back to our regularly scheduled writing weirdness soon :)


  1. Nothing wrong with nerdgasms. :D One of my favorite things about this show was the bright colors, I'd never seen a show quite like it.

  2. He is adorable. I love the color, the use of common items and places.

  3. Loved this show! "The piemaker did not like excitement" was one of my favorite lines.

  4. I've only ever seen the pilot, which was given away by a Melbourne newspaper when the show began. I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure it ended up bring shown here. It was fun, though. As I recall, he could bring people (or dogs!) back from the dead, but then never touch them again? And he brought back his girlfriend?

  5. You're so cute, Sarah.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  6. This show has been on my "catch up" list for quite a while.

  7. Never seen it, but I can feel the's almost strong enough to make me want to watch it. Almost.

  8. I love this show & Lee Pace. Did you see him in Wonderfalls, yet another great cancelled show? he's wonderful in both.

    at the time pushing daisies was cancelled, it was rumored that they would release a comic book to finish the story but sadly they never did. I was disappointed. although the last episode did sort of have an semi-ending but it was not satisfying at all. why quirky shows like this gets cancelled, I'll never know.

    anway, have a great day.

  9. Never heard of a nerdgasm but am immediately putting it in my dictionary. Haven't seen this show either but thanks for the recommendation. I suspect I can find it on Netfliks.


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