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Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Film Poetry

There are so many ways to publish your work creatively. One of those ways is film poetry, often called video poetry.

There are so many different ways to do it, I thought I'd just show you a few of my favorites (plus one of my own) and see if they inspire you.


Sarah Allen


  1. Unique! I'd never seen film poetry before.
    That seal really wants to catch the object, doesn't he?

  2. Interesting!


  3. This is my first time seeing this type of poetry. I love it. I watched all four of them. I think the second is my favorite.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  4. Never seen this before! Thanks for introducing me to something so unique.

  5. Loved the 3 girls with the seal. The girls were so excited.

  6. Thats a gfreat post for the day,Now my post is complete...#Fear and this ones all Fun


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