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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zen

So, I am pretty much an expert on zen because I once took a yoga class and could almost hold tree pose without falling down. So yeah, I know zen. Or at least I have some things that sometimes work to calm me down slash bring me peace and happiness when I need it because let's face it, writers are not known for being the most emotionally stable of people. Everybody ready? Ommmm.

1. Actual yoga. Or exercise in general: So one of the apartments I lived in in college was literally right behind a Golds Gym (like, I might have been able to touch both if I laid flat, or at least gotten pretty close) and that was kind of the best thing ever. I am by no means an athletic or even fit person. At all. In fact I hate exercise and sweating. Just ask anyone who has ever ever made me climb a mountain (you know who you are). However. Having an air conditioned room where I could watch TV while getting my blood flowing every day did serious wonders for how I felt about myself and felt in general. However it works for you personally, exercise makes a huge difference.

2. Movies: Not much to be said about this. A good movie or TV show is the best decompression ever. We need that time to unwind and destress. Not to mention, get some creative and artistic inspiration.

3. Music: Nothing changes my mood faster than music. It can intensify happy moods and give me comfort or hope or release when I'm sad or angry. I think that's part of the glory of music. I listen to Michael Giacchino or Rachmaninoff when I write, because I can't have words, and it provides excellent background music that sort of signifies to me that it is writing time. It sort of gets me in the zone.

4. Taking walks: I need to do this more often. I always think I don't want to go outside and then I do and I come back feeling so good and refreshed. Even just sitting in a park on a sunny day can be like a spiritual experience. Maybe it's been said over and over again that we help ourselves by reconnecting with nature, but it is a truth.

5. Chocolate: Or pizza. Or banana bread or candied sweet potatoes my mom makes at Thanksgiving. Food is a very visceral experience, like a lot of these other things, and sometimes that helps reconnect us with our bodies. This one is another good reminder for me. Sometimes it is nice to eat a very slow meal and just savor every bite.

There you have it! Five things that might help bring peace and relaxation and renewal. And with that we also close out April and the A-Z Challenge. We made it! What a crazy month :)

Sarah Allen


  1. Hurray for movies! Also those sweet potatoes you mentioned; I would like some of those.

  2. I love my walks and chocolate.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. We made it! Hooray. Banana bread sounds so good right about now but instead I'll eat my banana sans oil, sugar, flour and all the other stuff.:)

  4. The Zen of Chocolate. Bestseller in the making!

  5. Congrats on making it to Z. Loved your blogs and will continue to follow it. Chocolate definitely but sitting or walking on the beach is at the top of my list - definitely my zen.

  6. I don't know about zen or being in a zen state but food & entertainment or mindless entertainment, which sometimes is good for emptying your mind, does wonders for keeping you in a good mood. sitting down and reading a good book is also rather zen-like for some people, me included.

    congrats on finishing the A-Z challenge. hope you have a sweet day.


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