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Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Waiting

W is most definitely for waiting.

That is one thing I think a person just doesn't get until they start pursuing this crazy glorious chimera called a writing career. There is so much waiting involved. So much waiting.

You just can't move forward, in many ways, without the support and say-so of someone else, or many someone else's. You are waiting to hear back from that agent or the agent is waiting back to hear from that editor. You're waiting to hear back from the cover designer or the publicist or one of the other many people involved. Even if you self-publish, you're still waiting to hear back from that book reviewer or that journalist or that critique partner or, of course, basically like everyone on the planet to BUY YOUR BOOK.

The thing is, it doesn't ever go away. At least I don't think. And that's frustrating, because as much as you try and speed up the waiting time or find things to do in the meantime sometimes you're just past the point of patience and you just want it taken care of NOW.

That's sort of where I'm at. Almost. I have been querying agents for a while now, and I just want to get my yes. I've been submitting short stories to magazines since high-school and you never stop waiting for yesses on that one. I'm just at that point where I can't really do anything more in terms of moving forward in a writing career without partnering with some industry professionals. And I want that to happen yesterday.

All this, though, brings me to the most important W word. Pretty much, to move forward in your career, you must wait. For other people. Pretty much there is just nothing you can do about it. There is one thing, though, that you never have to wait for. The most important part of your career is the thing you have complete control over, the thing that is totally up to you that you can work on and do anytime you want. Writing. The waiting will always suck, but you can always write. While one project is in the wait for everyone phase, write another one and another one. That is how we succeed.

Sarah Allen


  1. sarah--with all of your talent and the great commitment you have, you will make all of your dreams!

  2. And even if you're and Indie, you still have to wait. Beta-readers, the editor, the cover artist, and the formatter. Jeesh!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. Well, if you are waiting you should be writing. Get busy girlfriend and dazzle us with something new. :-)

  4. Fantastic blogpost - and so true!

  5. wow! great advice here!
    i esp like the unarmed writer post!

    happy a to z!

  6. Great advice! Waiting is a pain, but you can always do something productive to distract yourself. :-)

  7. Waiting is the hardest activity in the world, because it implies inactivity. It never gets any easier, no matter how old we grow.

  8. I know it doesn't mean much but...yes!

  9. This is exactly where I am too--in so many ways. It is hard. On the other hand, there is always something else to be doing.

  10. Try thinking of it this way - as long as you have your work out there (waiting for someone's response) you're in the "possibility" stage. A time when you can indulge in all kinds of wonderful dreams. Indulge. Enjoy.

  11. Been there and still doing that. As long as you got other stuff to keep yourself occupied, you got it made.


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