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Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Pettigrew

So I'm sitting at work reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and I'm pretty sure I looked ridiculous because I'm sitting there grinning like a maniac trying to keep from laughing in pure giddiness as people walk past the front office.
"Toothbrush," he said with difficulty. He held it out by the very tip of the handle because he knew it was important, if he was to keep his composure, that her fingertips not touch his.
 I have not felt this giddy about a book since Captain Wentworth's letter to Anne at the end of Persuasion.

My friends know me so well. If the book they're recommending is not one in my typical genre it expands my horizons and becomes one I love anyway. Or like with this, they recommend it to me because they were thinking how much I'd love it the whole time they were reading and then I read it and I'm like YES YOU WIN OH MY WORD YES.

The characters are so real, a few so despicable. But the Major (as he prefers to be called) is completely wonderful. Conservative old curmudgeon. I will always adore those characters, because of both their conservatism and their curmudgeonliness. And their age. All the things. He is fabulous and hilarious and sweet and you are totally rooting for him the whole time.

I admit it did start off rather slow. But I loved the two main characters from the very beginning and that's what kept me interested and then about half way through things started picking up and then at the scene I quoted from I was just like THIS IS THE BEST THING.

So yes. Read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. I highly recommend it.

Sarah Allen


  1. i can always use a book that brings such a smile to your face :)

  2. I love that book, too. Nothing like smiling while reading.

  3. I love a book where the characters grab you and draw you into the story.

  4. You've convinced me, I'm putting it on my list. :)

  5. Okay, with that recommendation, I am definitely adding it to my reading list! I enjoy books with really great characters.

  6. I had to read that book for my book group and, although I would never have chosen it for myself, I loved it. Great choice. :-)

  7. I've heard this is a great book! I think I'll have to read it :) I can stick with a slow book if the characters are interesting and the writing is stellar.

  8. I've seen this book at our library-- I really need to give it a read.

  9. At first I thought you were reading Miss Pettigrew's school for Strange and Unusual...something.

    I will check out Major Pettigrew!

  10. I love books that make me smile like that!


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