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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What do YOU look for in a blog?

Sometimes the chemistry just works. Sometimes they give you the right answers, refer to all the right fandoms, have solutions to your specific problem and sympathize in all the right places.

That is when you know the blog is a match.

So I'm asking you. As we move forward in our relationship together, what do YOU look for in a blog? What kind of posts draw your attention? Publishing news? Professional advice? Tips on the craft? Do you like the personal?

What are you looking for when you read a blog?

Also, I would love a list of your current relationships. Not to gauge my competition or anything, but really. Or, you know, to add to my list of awesome people to learn from. So yeah, who are your favorite bloggers? How about a top three. Which blogs do you make it a point to check? Why?

I really want to hear from a lot of you, even if its just some quicky thoughts or a recommendation of one absolute favorite blog. Please if at all possible spare a few minutes to let me know what you think; I want to learn and grow and absorb other people's awesomeness :)

Sarah Allen


  1. I follow hundreds of blogs, all for different reasons.

    Regardless of the topic, my favorite blogs hold one thing in common. They have a strong voice.

    While I'm loyal to many blogs, one I never miss belongs to my CP and friend, Mike Keyton.

    His voice is engaging, confident and totally charming with dry British wit for flavor.

  2. i look for things i can relate to and dream about

  3. I like your blog a lot. Glad we connected during A-Z. The thing I like the most is the connection and support system.

  4. Wow, tough question. There are blogs I follow for writing advice, blogs I follow for fun, and some I follow partly because the blogger is a regular visitor/commenter on my blog. I like blogs that post regularly but not everyday (too hard to keep up with).

    I think a couple favorite writing blogs are The Other Side of the Story with Janice Hardy,, and Moody Writing,, and I'm excited about Maria Zannini's new blog (just started yesterday), Back to Basics,

  5. Half the time I just want to be entertained. Movie reviews and light hearted humor work. I like inspirational stuff too. And the latest and greatest in the writing and publishing industries.

  6. My two requirements are to either learn or laugh. I'm drawn to blogs where the personality of the blogger comes through. I follow so many blogs that I just love, including yours, that I couldn't boil it down to three. I'll pass on my crit. partners' blogs: (Lisa Green)

  7. I like to read post on thoughts about stuff people are reading or writing. a bit of an obsession at the moment.

    I follow loads of blogs through my google reader, different blogs catch my eye at different times. Janice Hardy's On The Other Side is pretty good (

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  8. Some blogs I follow because they provide great writing advice (mooderino, who just posted their comment above mine!)

    Some I follow because their blog posts are just straight up entertaining and they are great at coming back and commenting on my blog, as well, which also helps - Diane Carlisle at (eeks, I hope that's the link). She has a great blog and I'm shocked she doesn't have more followers than she does. - also a great blogger, entertaining and informative posts. Also a good blogging friend and he will come back to my blog every now and then and comment.

    So I guess for me what can do it, is how dedicated is the blogger coming back to my blog and visiting it (which I should remember because I can be kind of bad at commenting to my followers blogs...eek). Also, if they are entertaining or informative.

    Plus, commenting back to my comment is huge to me. It does make a difference that a blogger comments back to me.

  9. Good question.

    I subscribe/follow about 120 blogs, simply because my interests are so eclectic.

    I did start off by following a few writing oriented blogs, but quickly expanded to all others (including yours).

    However, if had to recommend some blogs, I would suggest the following:

    For flat out humor with a skewered outlook that pulls no punches, try

    The language can be very strong at times, so read with caution.

    For a good writing blog, try

    Charles writes fantasy and horror, and teaches/talks about writing.

    For a good general purpose blog that looks at life in the U.K. try

  10. Hmm. Tough question. I don't know about top 3, but here are a couple of other people whose blogs I follow who I think are fantastic cool people:

    Jen Campbell of
    This is not the six word novel

    Allison Renner of allison writes

    Cherie Reich of Cherie Reich - Author

    All three of these people are very cool people.


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