Monday, May 14, 2012

My new obsession: Person of Interest. Or Michael Emerson Y U MELT MY HEART

It's happened again, guys. Big time. We all know that if you look up a picture of "crazy obsessive fangirl" in the dictionary there is a picture of me, but sometimes it gets really crazy obsessive.

Lets see. Downton Abbey was a recent one. Bates and Anna gave me heart palpitations. Then there was the Mr. Gold/Belle episode on Once Upon a Time that may or may not have led to a whole evening spent making a fan video of them. Except, Downton Abbey doesn't come back till September and Belle FINALLY came back in Once Upon a Time last night but it was so much less kick butt and awesome than it could have been (although Robert Carlyle you make my heart melt too I only wish they had given you more heart melting time but I maintain hope for next week).

All that is to say, I wasn't expecting it to happen again so soon, because usually I go for a while before I find something else that hits my kinks so absolutely perfectly, but oh my word, there were moments. Person of Interest. I haven't started watching until recently, although I have no clue why because Michael Emerson oh my freak I should have known. I think maybe I was scared I was going to be disappointed after the incredible amazingness best written never to be matched character on television Benjamin Linus from LOST (in case I haven't squeed enough about him in that show already), and while I still think LOST had much more development and scope for Michael Emerson to work with, I waited that whole entire show for Ben Linus to have some sort of romantic thing and they sort of kind of went there with Juliet and that was awesome but creepy and then again sort of kind of with Alex's mom in the alternative life thing but Person of Interest he has an ACTUAL ROMANTIC INTEREST who is interested back and he's a total nerdy recluse who finally found another nerdy recluse and they loved each other but he had to leave to protect her and now he's left with sitting in the park outside her apartment and making sure she gets commissions for her art and pining and OH MY WORD THE PINING and its Michael Emerson pining and its wonderful! And not only that, but the girl who plays his love interest is his actual in real life wife! How totally awesome is that? And oh my word you guys my heart is already pounding for the moment when she realizes he's alive. Gah! Officially watching all the things.

Whew, okay.  I was going to try to write something a little more professional but then I watched the latest episode and clearly I can't think about anything else or even form a coherent thought. Bates, Mr. Gold, now Harold Finch. Not to mention Niles and Ross and Michael Scott. Why the middle aged man pining thing? I seriously don't even get it, and its me. Middle-aged man + woman he doesn't have; really the formula for me getting crazy obsessive about something is pathetically simple. And for some reason it doesn't work with younger characters either, like what's his name from White Collar. Too young and pretty boy. But when they're a creepy, dorky, adorably self-concious older I revealing unhealthy things about myself here?

Does this happen to you too? Are there certain scenarios or specific types of characters that just get you every single time?

Sarah Allen


  1. Oh Sarah, you make me laugh! Michael Emerson is an incredible actor, and Ben Linus is definitely one of the best characters ever created for TV!

  2. Interesting. I've been watching Person of Interest since it started and Finch's tragic love was just introduced. I thought it was a good twist but it didn't make my heart go pitter pat. Maybe I need to watch it again.

  3. haha sometimes--not a tv one really since john-boy from the waltons!

  4. You are so funny with your obsessions :P

    I've just started watching Pretty Little Liars and the English teacher Ezra Fits makes me want to faint. He's smart AND hot :D

  5. Pick an Avenger Dude - any Avenger Dude. Or Kermit the frog, I can't decide.

  6. I'm a HUGE POI fan...I even have a semi-regular spot on the Podcast of Interest, which is of course, a podcast about the show. :)

    I adore Michael Emerson and was an obsessive Lost fan as well. So happy to see him in another good role in another great show!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life


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