Thursday, May 31, 2012

There's No Business Like Show Business

Hey guys :) So I mentioned I'm doing a show, right? And that its been all steampunkified. Guys, I have been having so much fun. Time to spill, deal?

Here's your clue:

Yup. Wizard of Oz at the Scera Shell. How freaking awesome are those ruby slippers? And check out that steampunked Tin Man. These four are of course fabulous, but the whole cast is amazing and super, super fun. The show opens June 8th, runs through the 23rd, and is $10. Although, if you live in the area and are serious about coming, get in touch and I can see about getting you a deal. Like, for serious. How cool would it be to meet bloggy friends at a show like this? Such a blast. In the show I'm an Ozian, a Winkie (our jackets are so wicked awesome!), and yes, a Munchkin (okay, okay, I'm a shorty). Have I said how much fun I'm having?

Anyway, there's my plug. But I'm not done. I thought it would be fun to take some of the post-rehearsal notes we've gotten from our thuper duper director and see how they might help our writing.

Warm Up. Take writing classes, read, do creative exercises and smaller practice projects. You are much more ready to tackle the real show when you've prepped right.

Project and Enunciate. When you say something, say it. Say it loud and proud. Make decisions in your prose, in your characters, in your story, and own those decisions. Be yourself, be genuine, and don't be preachy, but there's no shame in having a point to make.

Adjust/Be Flexible. Anyone who's done a show knows how important this is. You get blocking or choreography, then its changed the next day. Last minute rehearsal scheduled or canceled, whatever. Point is, keep your brain on and take the curve balls. Your pitch doesn't go so well, get ready for the next one. Your favorite scene just isn't working, change it. A loved character becomes unnecessary, cut her. Adjust, keep moving, do what you need to do.

Chin Up. I take this to mean two things: First, keep your eyes on the goal and don't look down. Second, have fun while you're at it. If you don't love what you're doing, why do it?

Be invested or be gone. So a couple nights ago one of the directors notes was this: "Ok guys. If everyone in our ensemble was as invested and having as much fun as Sarah Allen then the energy would be incredible. Embrace the cheesiness like Sarah does." I'm not saying that to brag. (Okay, maybe I'm bragging just a little...). I mean, really, Wizard is definitely a cheesy show, and I'm a munchkin for crying out loud. But you know what, if I'm a munchkin then I'm going to be the most munchkiny munchkin I possibly can and have a blast doing it. I am most definitely not a trained dancer, I don't have nearly as good a voice as many people in the cast. But I'm invested. I'm in with both feet. 110%. I kind of do either 10% or 110%, I don't really know how to do anything in between. And with shows and anything I care about, I'm invested.

That's the way it is with writing. I have confidence in my writing career, confidence that I will succeed, not because I'm any better a writer than anybody else, but because I am in for the long haul with every cell in my body. I don't mean that in any kind of cocky way, I mean that if anybody is that invested in getting where you want to be, that's all you need. You'll get there.

And by there of course I mean the Scera Shell at 8:00 on June 8th :) If you can, come and play!

Sarah Allen


  1. Aw, it sounds like so much fun! What a cool concept. :)

  2. Wow! Her shoes are amazing! This does look like fun. I've always wanted to be in a play but for some reason never got around to it... you're inspiring!

  3. Sounds like a fun concept for this show and I love the ruby slippers. I love all the ways that theater and writing intersect. Have a fun run of your show.

  4. It would be great if someone could video part of the show those of us who are too far away to attend could see a clip :)

  5. Embrace the cheesiness - such good advice on all levels!!

    That pic looks awesome.

  6. Oh, that looks like fun! I hope you have a great time with it! And nice translation of the letters to a writing path.

  7. I've never related writing to a play. It's amazing how much you can learn from writing by doing other things, isn't it? :) Great post!

  8. Are you havin' a good time or what?? Nice way to tie it in with writing habits. Now go Munchkin!

  9. What a great idea to steampunk The Wizard of Oz. And I really do love those ruby slippers.

  10. Cool comparison list. Wizard of Oz is a great show. I was in it many moons ago as a munchkin, jitterbug, Emerald Citizian Good times. Break a leg.


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