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Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Marketing for Writers

So its Friday again. That wonderful day when we get off work and have a couple days before we have to go back. We get to rest and hopefully have a bit of fun. But here's the thing: statistics make it pretty clear that social media takes a dip on the weekends. The best days for blog visitors and YouTube views are Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm assuming this is because (normal) people take a break from their computers and get out and do stuff.

So for obsessive people like me who read way too much into one days statistics, how can we make weekends valuable marketing-wise? Of course weekends are for fun, but I figure why not be as productive with our marketing as we can?

Where do people spend their weekends, and how do we spread the word to those places? I figure we'll have to get away from more online marketing and into guerilla or street marketing. To places like theaters or restaurants or clubs. Probably very unconventional to try these places and the pay-off probably isn't as big, but why not give it a try? I'm not sure how one would exactly go about this street marketing type thing, but it might be fun to get creative and try. Maybe try organizing a weekend event that could potentially get local news coverage. Use your connections, like your cousin who manages a franchise or roommate who works at a local used bookstore. I think just talking to people might spark some cool things.

Or maybe people are still online on weekends, they're just spending more time on different sites. I would imagine gaming sites are one of those. Interactive gaming sites might be a fun way to do some marketing/networking.

Think about it this way: there really isn't anything more effective for getting a book out there than simple word of mouth, and people do most of their hanging out and chatting during the weekends. That's when they go on dates and chill with friends and talk about that awesome book they heard about and downloaded the preview on their kindle and thought it was so good they want to go buy the full book. If we can become a weekend conversation, that's a good sign, right?

What are your ideas? What do you do on weekends that might suggest ways to keep being productive on those days?

Sarah Allen


  1. Weekends might be a good time to use print medium. I've been in some quirky, artsy little cafes and found clever postcard style ads advertising upcoming books on the vanity tables in the restroom. Places like that would probably be great to leave bookmarks, romance trading cards, or even business cards for your website. (Check with management first, lest they go straight to the trash.)

    I always carry business cards with my website, blog & twitter address on them, and as I chat with people and writing comes up, I give them out. (Not being obnoxious about it, or trying not to.)

    I also make a stab at catching up on my blog visiting over the weekend. ;-) - I always visit back those who visit me, during the week, but I follow so many great blogs now I can't get around to all of 'em during the week.

    I do research and scribble down story ideas that hit me as I'm out and about. Sometimes it's just a fragment, like "MC has dented right bumper that she always intends to get fixed when she has $$."

  2. Well my weekend is usually spent at the beach, so perhaps I can rent a plane to drag a sign with a giant photo of me all across the sky (kidding). I do really like Beverly's idea of carrying business cards around. It would certainly save you from having to write down every site on a napkin. Great post!


  3. My weekend begins on Sunday evening and ends on Wenesday morning. So I'll be working like I do every weekend.

    As for personal marketing, I've made a bunch of biz cards. I hand them out to my hair clients. The closer I get to the publishing route-the goal is December this year-I'll hand the cards out to every one I meet.

  4. I'd fail at weekend marketing because I never step outside the door on a weekend, except to buy chocolate and coke :)

  5. I'm not a writer so don't have the need to Market. But I agree with Beverly, weekend is a good time to catch up on other peoples blogs. I guess form a networking / marketing viewpoint if you comment on others blogs a lot over a weekend you name will stand out amongst reduced numbers, so you are more likely to increase traffic back to you or gain followers ??

    RJR Daydreamer

  6. My hubby is home on the wkend and wants to do things, go places, etc. My wkends are filled with obligations. Sigh.

  7. I spent this last weekend in Vegas attending the Hacker convention DefCon. It had nothing to do with my book, but I had a shirt made that said "Ask me about my book" on it. I had a ton of conversations with the people there attending as well as just normal guests of the hotel.


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