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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Disneyland: Writing on Star Tours

So we finally got a chance to go on the new Star Tours, and it was AWESOME!! They kept the classic cheesy robot atmosphere, but added new stories and updated the humor. Here's my lesson from the modernized Star Tours:

Taking classic stories and structures and giving them your own unique twist or personalized take is a good idea.

In fact, if your starting from blank, this is a good way to go. Star Wars itself is infamously based on the very formulaic 'Archetypal Journey'. Obviously we don't want our writing to be formulaic, but certain structures and archetypes are classic for a reason.

Take a fairytale or classic story and give it a personalized what if. What if the genie had been a different genie, and had fallen in love with Jasmine too? What if Captain Hook and the Beast were really the same person, but in different dimensions? What if Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters were really highly trained zombie killers? (Oh wait, that ones taken). See what I mean? Lots of options when you start from a time-tested structure, and you can be as imaginative and creative as you want with it, and end up with something totally original.

Now I'm curious: what twists on classic stories can you guys come up with?

Sarah Allen


  1. You got to go to Star Tours? Now I'm jealous. ;)

    What if Eric was a mermaid hunter? What if the Seven Dwarves were bounty hunters looking for royal blood, capturing Snow White to lure in the prince? Oh wow, this is fun!

  2. Yes, I think its so fun to take something and ask the "what if" questions! It's amazing the different roads and outcomes you can come up with. Great creative writing exercise to get the juices flowing! :)

  3. What if Dorothy decided not to go home, but to stay and rule over Oz?


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