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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Disneyland: 'Fantasmic' and My Short Story Collection Idea

So I don't really have anything in particular to say about Fantasmic except that its probably my favorite thing ever. If someone says imagine your happy place, I think sitting by the Rivers of America eating powder sugar drizzled funnel cake, and waiting for all the awesome moments like Mickey shooting sparks out of his hands, and all the Toy Story people on the back of the Mark Twain boat, and especially, perhaps the best moment ever in Disneyland, the end when sorcerer Mickey pops up at the top of the tower and directs the fireworks shooting off behind him. Whoever wrote the music to it is genius. The show is cheesy, sentimental, campy, and I love it. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.

Now on to the more theriuth bithnith. While I've been here I've gotten an idea that I think is actually totally cool. Imagine a collection of short stories all set in Disneyland. All sorts of different points of view, everything from one of the original builders from the 50's to the rides themselves. The Matterhorn snow monster will come to life, but will be unable to fit in to normal life and so he's turned back into a robot. A couple on their honeymoon who get stuck on the Ferris wheel and decide they don't want to be married anymore. An old man waiting for his family who never shows up, sort of Waiting for Godot esque. Maybe he'll get a phone call that says his tumor is malignant. And it will be called 'The Happiest Place On Earth.' Mwa ha ha. You think they'd sell that on Mainstreet?

You're confused? Are my feelings towards Disneyland sincere or ironic, you ask? Yes. Which is why I love it. If that doesn't confuse you more.

Happy writing!

Sarah Allen


  1. It would probably sell, but the potential legal tangles could be a headache (fair use and all always being called into question in the courts).

  2. LOVE that idea for the stories. I've have an annual pass to Disneyland for twenty years and I never cease being wowed by the place. Glad your adventure continues to be bedazzling.

  3. I love it, the honeymooning couple who realise they don't want to be married in particular. The title with the tone of the stories is brilliant. This reminds me of that quote about all unhappy families being unhappy in different ways-- imagine all the fun family dynamics simmering under the surface.

  4. You've been inspired! Great ideas!


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