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Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Titles

Another perhaps widely used word for today, but also important. The Title is the first impression, and we all know what people say about those. I'll keep things short today and just give you a list of some titles from the back of my notebook. See if you can do anything with them. For me personally, I can almost never use the title itself, but they often spark a story idea. So here goes:

Important as a Window
The Stick Was
Making Digs
The Praying Mantis Society
The Darker Side of Yodeling
Carmel and the Moon
Old Year Resolution
Queen Entropical
Mutably Good
I Left my Lunch in Yugoslavia
The Definition of an Unhealthy Relationship
My Name is Recyclable
Not Machine Washable
Shoe Talk
A Dad Grows Up
Blow with the Harmattan
The 9 1/2 Wives of Oscar Pickendoom

Hope you find those entertaining and somewhat useful. I'd love to hear if they spark any ideas :) I was going to reveal the title for my WIP today, but its still too tentative. So, stay tuned...

Sarah Allen


  1. I like "Not Machine Washable" :-)
    I am having SUCH MAJOR TROUBLE trying to come up with a title for my current WiP. And it's part of a series so it has to be a name that will somehow fit with a whole bunch of other names except I don't even know what I want that common name thread to be!

  2. I've change the name for both my WIPs many times and I still don't know if they feel right - thanks for letting me know we all struggle with this! Kathee @

  3. Love your blog. And I see you're moving to Oregon. I live near Portland. Welcome!
    A Mother's Touch
    A Mother's Touch Book Shelf

  4. I struggle with titles. These are really good. I would pick them up to read for sure.

  5. Your last title is the best! Funny and curious and just plain weird.
    Good one.

  6. I don't write books, but coming up with Titles for my Blog posts can be challenging. I have enjoyed the A to Z, because just coming up with some titles gave me inspiration to write.

    I like My Name is Recyclable - that could be an interesting story.

  7. lol

    Very amusing. Titles are very vexing and yet I didn't use it for my blog. I struggle finding the right title but it bugs me when I don't have one at all.

  8. The 9 1/2 Wives of Oscar Pickendoom is a truly lovely title, that immediately makes me curious.

  9. Thanks for commenting, everyone :) Hope you found these titles somewhat helpful.


  10. When I was in high school, I had a list of about 50 or so titles for books or stories I wanted to write. No story outlines, except as implied by a given title sequence.

    These days, titles usually come second, and most of my effort is spent on finding a title that isn't already in use.

  11. Hi! Nice to meet you through the A to Z challenge! I find titles really hard to do. Maybe writing a story from a good title is the way to overcome that problem.

  12. I have a nearly completed WIP and still can not find a title that has done anything for me. Some of the titles you have posted are interesting.


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