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Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Howett and Halitosis

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There are so many ways to make oneself odious and unattractive to others. I'm sure we all try hard to be pleasant and at our best, and it only takes caution and watchfulness to avoid committing what I like to call professional or literary halitosis.

Take care of yourself. No literal halitosis, please. I know writers spend most of our time alone, but still. Shower, brush your teeth, and try not to burp too much at the dinner table.

Don't be a pest. Don't send rude, annoying or inappropriate emails to agents or editors. Or anyone else, for that matter. That obviously is not going to help you. Persistence is okay, plaguing is not. Also, don't make your online presence a bother to anyone through any kind of spamming.

Treat everyone with kindness and tact. It can be hard, I know, especially when people are rude and tactless to you, but don't stoop.

Jacqueline Howett, whose last name happens to start with H, has provided us an excellent example of literary halitosis. Her rude, unprofessional and vulgar rampage against a negative(ish) review went viral astonishingly fast, and just goes to show that bad behavior really doesn't pay. She really shot herself in the foot with this. More then just halitosis, her behavior was downright vomitrocious.

So work hard, play nice, carry gum. Anyone who says nice guys finish last is trying to rip you off.

Sarah Allen


  1. LOVE the pic - and love the words - vomitrocious - totally stealing that. :)

    Agreed - as writers we need to be very careful how we present ourselves. Great post!

    New follower from A-Z! Nice to meet you.

  2. Ha ha ha, You just gave me an excuse to use when I get bashed for not eating or changing my clothes...etc...

  3. Great job. My personal philosophy is to never burn your bridges. In the publishing world, once they're burned, you're not going back there.

  4. Lovely blog and I think you're living out your own advice very well. Your blog is oozing with positivity and passion and I will definitely be back.

    Thank you,

    Hannah Roderick: People Watch

  5. If I'd read this early this morning, I would have done H is for Hissy Fit in the A-Z challenge. I'm still laughing over the Howett exchange. Too much.

  6. Yeah, love the pic and the 2 new words :) Checked the dictionary once :-D

    And thanks for the tip, which always has to be kept in mind.

    Following you from A-Z Challenge!

  7. Oh my gosh...that Jacqueline Howett thing is unbelievable. I heard about it in Rick Walton's class but I had no idea she was so abrasive and petty.

    Also, yay on your word count! I've spent all day revising and my novel is trying to kill me.

  8. Hi Sarah!
    I love the hippo and your take on literary halitosis. Well done!

    Thanks for stopping by It's Kristal Kleer today.


  9. Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!

  10. H for halitosis - wonderful! I have to say I feel quite sorry for that author suffering from a severe case of halitosis. I know she did wrong and now she serves as an example for the rest of us. I just hope this episode didn't cause her already-wonky mind any further disturbance, that's all.

  11. Very well said. Enjoyed this post! Tried to follow that link to the article you mentioned but my phone won't let me... Silly BlackBerry.

  12. Ah yes she did have a major tantrum so I hear. I hope she has learned from her mistake :O)

  13. Loved your creativity referring to rude people. Now following. Looking forward to more of your writings.


    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  14. Great job. Nice people don't finish last. Stopping by from a-z blogging challenge

  15. Sarah: Your blog is so much fun. I have the same interests you've listed. I love that you are promoting creative writing. Your hippo pic is hilarious! I'm also in agreement with the quotes on the top of your page. Inspiring.

  16. Good reminders for all. I read the rant. I can only shake my head in utter amazement that a writer would do that to her career.

  17. I was once told to engage my brain before opening my mouth. I suspect the hippo does, Howett - enough said.

    Thanks for finding me on a non A-Z post.

  18. Lovely entry! If you could be a dear and send it to the me of 1/1/11, I'd be ever so grateful! *whistle*


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