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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Design

Its important. I'm mostly talking about web design here, with your social platform on things like blogs, Facebook, YouTube, etc. If people can't understand whats going on or your sites are inaccessible or unnavigable, they're not going to know what your all about let alone come back. Thats the beauty of Blogger and YouTube, which make clear, comprehensible design easy.

Although, adding flair and snazziness is still up to you. I'm obviously not much of a designer, and though I've tried to keep my sites from being confusing or muddled, I would love some ideas about adding a little sum'n sum'n. Pretty sure there are some cool sites to help personalize or beautify your sites, aren't there? I just don't know where to go, so ideas would be great. I've found some absolutely gorgeous blogs out there, and I'd love to know all your secrets :) One of my favorite examples of beautiful design is the website for the magazine Cavalier Literary Couture. Although they still haven't responded to a submission from September...whats up with that?

Anyway, best of luck your web designing. Keep things simple and clear and you, so that people can find you easily and like what they find. Happy writing!

Sarah Allen


  1. Tee hee - I especially like the urinal one. I bet that has caused many awkward situations in the men's room...

  2. I couldn't stop laughing at the wheelchair ramp. How sad.

  3. Hahaha! Thanks for the giggles! The wheelchair ramp and the urinals are the best! What was the guy thinking? I'm assuming it was a guy who designed those! lol! Peace.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello fellow Utahn! :) Omigosh - those pictures are just too funny. Talk about a design flaw! And as for tips...the only semi-neat thing I've been able to figure out is adding html code to my blog make something bold or italic. It's a start... (sorry, tried to add instruction, but it just made my instructions bold...)Happy Tuesday!

  6. Love those snaps! Ha! Your blog is nice. You could jazz it up by using different fonts by going into the Blogger Template Designer. That's the easiest way to customize your blog without having to get into writing html or css coding. Thanks for your great 'D' post. Happy Tuesday! :o)

  7. Those pictures are great. That chair has to be Photoshopped, though.

    What are some of your favorite sites? There are some design template sites for blogger that help you design special layouts, but otherwise, I'm not sure ideas you're looking for.

    East for Green Eyes

  8. Love your blog! Great pics on this post too :)! It's fun to meet you on A to Z - I'll keep visiting!

  9. Great point - love the pictures you chose. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  10. Great post. The pictures are awesome! But you are right. If the web page isn't comfortable and easy to navigate, people won't stay. Nice choice for the "D" day.

  11. Thanks for the tip! I hope you found my blog simple and clear. :) I love the lamp, btw.

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  12. You won't catch me ever using either one of those urinals. Excellent post on design!

  13. The first gun designed for suicides...

    Pretty funny pictures.


  14. These pictures are amazing! I got quite a good laugh (: Good luck with your designing. It is a difficult thing. And good luck with the A to Z Challenge!


  15. Great choice of pics! They were perfect :) I'm new to blogging so I don't have any web design secrets. Hope others give you some good tips!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following along during the A-Z challenge!

  16. Those pictures are awesome, LOL!!!

    I tinker with my blog some, but it's a pain in the tushy for me and takes me forever. Good luck!

  17. Hi, Sarah,

    I'm a sucker for fanciness, so I've found a couple of sites with really nice wallpapers. Try and or

    Have fun! But don't hate me when you get sidetracked for hours looking at all the pretty stuff.

  18. I know what you mean. I've been to blogs that I can't find the comment button, or their follower links are at the bottom of a LONG right sidebar.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It's nice to meet a fellow A-Z challenger. I'm a follower now. :)

  19. Great pics. They made me laugh.

  20. oh, dear,

    you got me shivering..


    lovely shots.
    have fun today.

  21. Great comments guys :) Thanks to all of you! I wish I had time to respond personally to each one, but, as I'm sure you understand, thats a little difficult right now. But just know I love and appreciate you all :)


  22. I can't stop laughing at those pictures.

    I agree with you about accessibility and making blogs easy to navigate. I have visited some blogs and not gone back because they are too overloaded!

    Ellie Garratt


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