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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quick Meals for Busy Days

Today was one of those days when I could hardly find time even to eat. I'm sure everyone has days like that, or even days when you're in the creative zone and don't want to take too much time away from working even to eat. So for days like that, here's just some quick things I love to eat when I don't have time to make something more substantial.

-Spinach sandwich-drizzle italian dressing on bread, slap on spinach and tomatoes

-Cold cereal

-Yogurt and berries-my favorite is the Light 'n Fit vanilla yogurt. Sometimes I crunch up chex into it too.

-Toast with sugar free blackberry jam

-Bananas and peanut butter

Sort of a random post, but on your crazy days of writing or just plain old business it may help. Have fun with the writing!
Sarah Allen


  1. No breakfast for the wicked. Am off and out into the cold - will get coffee from starbucks along the way and perhaps chocolate muffins!

  2. Mmm, I vote yes on the chocolate muffins :-)


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