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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After: Christmas Presents

Well, we've made it. It's now the day after Christmas, time for picking up broken presents, wrapping paper, and finishing off all the random chocolate around the house.

If you have a diary, make sure to write down all the memories, happy and sad. If you don't have a diary, start one. Christmas memories are great creative fodder. Write down the crazy things your family said, did, and gave.

Use the presents you received. I for one got amazing presents that I can definitely use for inspiration, organization, and pure enjoyment. But even if you got something you don't think you could ever use it, then be creative and use it as a marketing gimmick. Make a funny youtube video or something with it. Start a giant White Elephant party and meet new people.

Also, use the holidays to renew old friendships and acquaintances. This will help you keep your social network strong, but more then that, its just good to be kind and keep relationships strong. I can do better at this personally, but the holidays are a good reminder.

What are your reactions to the holidays? What have you learned? What about Christmas will make the future better for you?

Sarah Allen

P.S. If you haven't already, start thinking of New Years Resolutions you're going to make for both your personal life and your writing career. More on this later.

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