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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Act of Christmas Kindness Challenge for Writers

In honor of the season of kindness, I have a challenge for you writers out there: use your writing ability to serve someone around you, whether family, friend, or someone you barely know. Use your talent to make someones Christmas season a little brighter. Here's a list of some ideas of what you could do:

-Help a student with an essay or English exam.
-Write your significant other a love poem.
-Write a stranger a love poem and leave it somewhere to be found.
-Write a Christmas story and read it to a kid as a bedtime story.
-Help a kid read a more difficult Christmas story, like Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"
-Start a family Christmas tradition of writing stories, poems, songs, or plays together.

Be creative with this, but use your writing skills to bless someones life. If you have any other ideas, please post them. Also, I'd love to hear about any experiences you have in doing this. I hope you do it, and I hope it turns out to be a good experience.

Sarah Allen

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