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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Neckless Giraffe

The Neckless Giraffe

All giraffe clans have a neckless giraffe
hanging somewhere on their family tree.
Unfortunately in this giraffe family
the neckless giraffe here is me.
I can’t reach the treetops,
the juiciest leaves,
so I have to eat grass with the zebras.
The baboons won’t talk
to me. Meerkat pups mock
even more than the laughing hyenas.
How would you feel if
you had to do full-on splits
just bending down for a drink?
Or not being able to see
hiding lions?
It’s scarier than you might think.
My great, great, great grandma,
the one other member of my fam
without a long neck,
was so sick of jerk fuss
she joined a big circus.
She’s a clown, but get’s clownish respect.

But what’s this? Oh see here,
the Old Gnu Express delivered
some mail to my bunk.
A penpal for me?
Could it possibly be?
Signed, an Elephant without a trunk!

-Sarah Allen

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