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Monday, March 19, 2018


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Sunday’s when we go to church
and say our prayers and scripture search.
Monday we go back to school
to make our brain a power tool.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: work
like bankers, teachers, moms and clerks.
Friday night is party time
unless you’d rather have downtime
snug with a book, then Saturday
we whip through chores so we can play.
Then comes the best day of them all!
Blurgsday, when ideas call!
On Blurgsday ride a purple horse
or take a Bigfoot finding course.
On Blurgsday you can paint with mud
or dance upon a flower bud,
sing too loud or scrape your knees.
You get to be whate'er you please.
Wait, hold on, what’s that you say?
You say there’s no such Blurgsday day?
Can I still wear my Blurgsday best
and welcome some dear Blurgsday guest?
Would you eat some Blurgsday cake
to celebrate that we’re awake?
If you check your calendar
you’ll see it’s best if you plan for
a Blurgsday minute, so to speak,
every single day next week.

-Sarah Allen

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