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Monday, April 25, 2016

To Do and an Agent Spotlight

To Do

If A, then be
ready to run
run three miles up
hill. Three o'clock check up
don't forget.
Get milk, bread, honey
I'm home at night
almost never. Never leave
cereal in the sink
milk in the bowl
bowl of water for the dog
bowling at seven, he'll be home
late. Better never than
one too many
baby needs a bath.
Home is where the rear view
mirrors are. Step on
the gas, the breaks.
Drive A to B and B to C
and if you don't see,
then are you anywhere?


Writing Prompt: Pick your favorite villain. What would their daily To-Do list look like?

Agent Spotlight: Ryann Wahl seeks upmarket literary fiction and YA.

Read More: Check out this great post from Writers Digest about writing characters of a different gender than you.

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  1. Death, death, death, lunch. Death, death, afternoon tea...

    1. Haha :) Yes! That could be the list for many a great villain :)

  2. A to B to C to D, and then start all over.

  3. i loved this - my life in a nutshell!


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