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Monday, April 4, 2016

Shared Differences and a Call for Submissions

Shared Differences

He said, take this watermelon.
It is something we have in common.
Hold the gnawed rind up to your face
like a smile.
I said, I take thee, smile,
for mine own.
That's right, he said. That's right.
I said, I take thee, stadium lights
I take thee, sidewalk crack
I take thee, plutonium core
of a hydrogen bomb.
Then he and I and all of us
smiled a mushroom cloud
and when the smoke cleared, we all
turned to our neighbor and said
Here, take this face.
It is something we have in common.


Writing Prompt: Finish this sentence (and share in comments so we can see your genius!)
My toothbrush is red. This is the most important thing you need to know about me because_____________________________.
Call for Submissions: Funny in Five Hundred is looking for flash humor pieces. Try your hand!

Read More: Check out Anne R. Allen's great post this week on keeping an open mind and teachable heart so we don't get caught in our own flawed perspectives as writers.

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  1. ...because I'm a vampire.
    Sorry, best I could come up with!

    1. This is great! I totally didn't even think of that one at all :)

  2. My toothbrush is red. This is the most important thing you need to know about me because you've lost the word "witch," and you saw me pull out a blue toothbrush just a moment ago.

  3. "...because it's red with your blood."

  4. WOW! Am I ever glad you came to my site, so I could come back and find you........this poem is an AMAZEMENT. Your style is way cool. Your imagination is astonishing. I am very impressed. LOVED this. But am very nervous about the cat sitting on the railing in the photo below, for fear she will fall off. Smiles.

  5. ... because ive been in my jail cell for 6 months and 11 days now; and anything as bright and happy as this? Ha. Forbidden.
    ...But that of course wouldn't stop me.

    Sorry everyone I wrote more than a sentence lol


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