Monday, May 11, 2015

Go To The Gym Happy

It's got to be a big deal for me to want to talk about working out.

I've been trying to get serious about health lately. I've been a casual gym goer for many years (I'm still pretty casual) but I'm trying to add some consistency. One of my biggest problems with working out is that I've probably got something like asthma, and when I run for extended periods I get wheezy and have some pretty bad chest pains.

Anyway, on Saturday I got to hang out with my awesome mom. She was in town before flying back home, so we went out for lunch and talked and it was just so great. After dropping her off at the airport, I headed over to the gym. Because I'd spent the morning with her I walked into the gym feeling super happy. And let me tell you, that made all the difference.

I was feeling pumped and excited, so I felt up for trying new things that ended up working for me so much better than before. I finally felt that runners high I've heard so much about, without hitting up against the wheezing chest pain block first. It was amazing!

Ok, so why am I even telling you this? Who cares? Right. I don't care about other peoples work outs either, believe me. But here's my point.

Sit down to your writing or editing feeling happy.

Maybe blast some happy music first and dance around in your underwear. Or maybe make yourself some chocolate chip cookies. Whatever it takes. Even if you're writing something really dramatic and emotional, I believe sitting down happy is sitting down ready to DO this thing.

You may end up feeling drained and stretched, but if you go to work happy, you may find you have more of yourself to give.


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  1. Attitude makes all the difference!
    And I always walk into my gym happy because it means I'm no longer at work.

  2. I don't go to a gym but I do go to exercise classes which they hold for us seniors in our building. I am usually pretty happy as they are all such a nice bunch of people and I enjoy being with them.

  3. I walk, swim in the summer, jump on my trampoline, and do weight training. Love your post today.


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