Thursday, May 14, 2015

5 Non-Writing Things Writers Should Do Every Day

Writing can be a weird, lonely game, especially on the day to day. So here are ten things I'm trying to do every day to help my physical, emotional, and mental health as a writer.

1. Go outside. I know, I know, it's kind of scary out there, but there's also flowers and clouds and fresh air.

2. Talk to other writers. I always feel better and pumped up about writing after talking with other writers. And if you don't have IRL writer friends, there's us online too! Even just watching stuff like National Book Festival author talks perks me up a little bit.

3. Exercise. Pick your poison, whatever works for you. The point is to try and get moving, get your heart rate up, a little bit every day. I know I always feel better for it, and feel very bleh when I don't.

4. Read. Reading is what reminds us why we do what we do. Either it's brilliant and we think, man I want to be able to make readers feel this way one day. Or it's...not, and we think, hey, I can do better than that.

5. Do something new. Explore a new place in your city or try out a new restaurant. Just doing something new can help you feel less suck in your own head.

Hope these help! I'm going to try and do better at them myself.

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  1. I need to do more of the last one. I do talk to a lot of writers everyday though!

  2. This is great advice if you're at home, writing full time, but if you have to pay the bills with a day job it can be a little harder to go outside during the day, for example - I have to open the school library at lunchtime and manage about twenty minutes for my lunch break - and by the time I get home, in the cold and the dark, I really don't feel like going out for dinner or exploring my area or jogging, too exhausted, though when I can I go swimming before I go home. I do talk to other writers via Twitter - not every day - and read a lot on the train to work and home. I do occasionally go somewhere for dinner, but I prefer the familiar, near home, where they know me and I know what they cook and how good they are. :-)

  3. all good advices but #3 is a bit hard but it really is something we all must do even as non-writers.

    have a lovely day.

  4. Wonderful advice - the last one I need to do more of!

  5. Great list - I manage to get outside every day, the dog ensures I do. I'm less good at doing new things, so I think I'll have to try harder with that one. I need to do some research - visiting some areas in my nearest city I haven't been to before - but I keep putting it off. You've inspired me to do it this week, thank you!

  6. All are essential for good living and good writing. Good list.


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