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Monday, March 30, 2015

Art is Parable

Well, we are on the first few days of our trip. We spent Saturday at the Arizona Renessaince Festival, and had a blast. (At least until the heat got to me. I'm kind of pathetic when it comes to heat.) But we had a super great time and I left the owner of what I'm calling my Dr. Facillier hat :)

Anyway. Yesterday was a bit of a rest day at my roommies folks house in Arizona. We went to church with them and the lesson in Sunday School was about Jesus' parables in Matthew 13. That's the parable of the sower, which in a meta way, is a parable about parables. This is where Jesus talks about why He teaches in parables in the first place. 

It made me think about storytelling and art in general. Of any kind. Movies, music, theater. The people who listened to Christ's parables all came away with a different experience and individual lesson, and its the same when we read a book in a book club or go with friends to a movie. We're sitting next to them, yes, but nobody in the theater is really watching the same thing.

Here's what I think: whether or not a person believes in a universal truth, art is meant to convey Truth. Even if the artist is only trying to convey their own personal truths, if they are genuine and honest, others will relate to it. They will learn something. And another reader or viewer will relate to it in a completely different way, and learn something of their own.

But you know, for all the times we're told not to be didactic or overt, I don't think Christ's parables or any art for that matter would carry as much meaning. We're not trying to force our opinions on anybody, but that's different than having a voice, having something to say, and defending what you believe in. And I don't think that's a bad thing at all.

Sarah Allen

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  1. Sarah, that was deep - but so true! Yes, our truths.
    A parable about parables. Never heard it described like that, but you nailed it.
    Glad you're having a good time. At least it's a dry heat.

    1. Haha, thank you :) It's an interesting story and chapter. And yes, dry heat is much better. The one trip I've taken to Florida about drowned me!

  2. I agree with Alex. Well written, beautifully told.
    Drink lots of water and use sun screen. I love Arizona, particularly northern parts.

    1. Thank you! And yes, Arizona is gorgeous. Water and sunscreen...I'll definitely keep that in mind!

  3. Lovely, Sarah. But I got distracted by the hat!

  4. I think you've captured why art is art. If it touches us it's done it's job. :-)

    Anna from Elements of Writing


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