Monday, March 2, 2015

Things That Have Been Motivating Me

It's been a crazy, crazy time, but here are some things that have inspired me and kept me going:

TED Talks: Okay, I know I talk about TED Talks a lot, but they are SO GREAT. These people are so smart and creative. Here is a great list of TED Talks for writers. Also here is possibly my favorite TED Talk of all:

Welcome To Night Vale: This podcast is so hard to explain, yet so genius. I love what they do with story and language. Check it out, you will not regret it.

Instagram: Maybe it's cheesy, but Instagram may have won out as my favorite social media site lately. It's so fun and easy and personal. I know we writers deal in words, and not images, but there are poets and authors all over Instagram doing awesome things. If you're on Instagram, let's find each other :)

Brooklyn Nine Nine and Backstrom: These shows are amazing and hilarious. Rainn Wilson and Andy Sandberg are comedic geniuses. These shows are absolutely worth checking out, and I feel better after watching them.

What's been motivating you lately?

Sarah Allen

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  1. I've never even looked at Instagram. All photos, right?

    1. Right, every post is a photo with a caption. I think its a fun glimpse into peoples lives, as much as they choose to share. But I mean, people also just use it to post poetry or inspirational quotes or pictures of celebrities or whatever it is they want to do.

  2. Ted Talks, Bosch, and a mystery series set in Henry VIII's era by Sansom, with a hunchback lawyer as the sleuth.

    1. Nice!! Aren't TED Talks the best? And Bosch sounds awesome...

  3. I keep meaning to check out TED Talks. I've watched a few and really enjoyed them. Next time I find myself surfing, that's what I'll do. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I joined Instagram because my grandkids post pictures there but I haven't posted anything of my own. I don't think I want to get involved in yet another social media site.


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