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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

I forget
like dropping my sleep
mask on the floor by the bed,
not knowing where it is
when I come back at night.
The light comes in too early
these days and I forget
what I was dreaming
and how to close my eyes again.
My skin sucks in the chilly air
like gasping for breath
like a Christmas light buzzing, fritzing
and suddenly POP
a burst of light then darkness
and broken glass that will cut
if you're not careful.
I feel alive as broken glass.
Last night I dreamed a man came
into my room
to grab me, to hurt me
his hands were large, dirty when he
tied my wrists with rope.
But when I woke up into the cold
cold air
I was not afraid.


  1. Wow. Great writing. At least it was a dream. I have bizarre dreams. I say it's because of my creative mind and the what ifs.

  2. Very powerful, Sarah. I hope that dream did not have some basis in fact in the real world.

  3. I've never read this side of you, Sarah. Execllent piece.


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