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Thursday, October 2, 2014

If My Family Wrote Frozen

It's pretty fascinating to think about where a group's dynamic--where it's personality--stems from. I have a tendency to think it might come from one or two bellwethers, or group leaders. Even when a group doesn't seem to have one out-in-front leader, there's usually someone sort of guiding the tone. For example, because I went to a school where there were about 12-18 kids in my entire grade at any given time, I remember the feel and character of my whole class changing when a couple kids left after seventh grade. That's not to say that this is inherently good or bad, or that these "bellwethers" are inherently better or worse than anybody else. And of course, this theory could be complete rubbish, it's just my own speculation.

The point of all this, though, is that when someone asks where my family got our sense of humor, I blame my little brothers.

Here's the revamped version of 'Let it Go' from Frozen that my little sister wrote with our cousin. I'm sure her parents are so glad to have our incredibly mature influence. And a little hint, it works best of you sing it in your head.

The toilet glows white in the bathroom tonight, not a person to be seen. 
The fear of using toilets can't get to me at all. 
The toilets flushing like the swirling storm outside. 
Couldn't keep it in but I really tried. 
Don't let them in don't let them see. Be the good girl you always had to be. 
Conceal don't feel, don't let them know.  But I really gotta go. 

I gotta go. Gotta go. Can't hold it in anymore. 
I gotta go. Gotta go.  Turn away and slam the door. 
Here I sit on the toilet. Let the toilet flush. The sound never bothered me anyway.  (Swish!...)

Isn't that some great stuff? I particularly love the internal rhyme in the last section. Our family has a habit of reaching for the really high-brow, high-hanging fruit, as you can see. But can you see why I place responsibility on my brothers? They're the big middle section of the family, setting the rhythm and tone. And they didn't get it from me.

I promise.

Write on!

Sarah Allen

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