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Friday, October 19, 2012

How These Shows Would Have Ended If I'd Written Them (And its probably good I didn't)

We all do this. We watch a show, we are engaged, and then an episode comes along that makes us go, "Oh, come on guys, that's not what was supposed to happen." So lets indulge that impulse for a moment. Here are some shows I would have done differently.

Once Upon a Time: I'll admit, it is this show that has gotten me thinking about this. I have had twinges about the frankly awful dialog since the beginning. I like the characters and love the premise, and they do even throw bits of clever dialog in there occasionally. But since the season 1 finale it has been driving me crazy. I could get past the dialog if they HADN'T RUINED RUMBELLE. Ok. Sorry, calm. Except Robert Carlyle is THE REASON I watch this show and his face was so beautiful when Belle all the sudden walks back into his shop but then after that they totally ruined it. They needed a moment, and not just a cheesy, "I love you you monster" moment. Jeez, they didn't even kiss. Except apparently there's going to be this majorly smexy Captain Hook coming along soon so I can't stop watching now.

Lost: This is probably one that its good I didn't write, because if I had, it would for sure have just turned in to the Benjamin Linus Show. I always wanted EVERY episode to be a Ben-centric one. Honestly I didn't care about Jack or Kait. Hurley was awesome, Sawyer was hot, but really it was all about Ben. It just was. What they did give him I thought was brilliant. His Dr. Linus redemption episode in the last season is...perfection. His creepy "Got any milk?" and "Because you're MINE" were freaking incredible and I still can't even talk about his "I want to explain that I know what you're feeling" speech...gahh!!! I loved it all, I just wanted a lot, lot more.

Firefly: Fox...*facepalm*

Frasier: Niles and Daphne ALL THE THINGS.

House: This ones harder, because I actually LOVED the way they ended it. I thought it was perfect. Perfect for the characters themselves and perfect for the original Doyle source material. Its just there's this part of me that still really wants House and Cuddy to be together.

That was kinda fun :) Maybe I want all my TV to be about pining middle aged men but so what. :) What about you guys? What shows would you have changed and how?

Sarah Allen


  1. I feel like this about every show I watch. And I thought it was just me. If it's not, makes me wonder, how have the writer's not tapped into that? Hmmm ...

  2. My husband and I started fast-forwarding through every scene with Jack and Kate around season 3, and just watching the scenes with everyone else. It was amazing how much better it made everything.

  3. I can ony comment about two of them:

    Lost: was such a great show. Super imaginative and thought provoking. I could come pretty close to agreeing with Ben being in every episode. He had that David Koresh kind of command over people. I was sorry to see it go.

    House: Watched every episode. My wife gave up after season 2 or 3 I think, after she bluntly distilled every episode down to "rare disease no one gets...House belittles his staff mercilessly...House has bizarre MacGyver-like epiphany...patient cured after House almost kills them (insert variable number of times)...the end".

    I freaking loved this show mainly for House's quick rapier wit and the verbal duels he and Wilson had right to the end.

    Good topic today!

  4. omg.. Right! Robert Carlyle is one of my favorite actors, he carries any show he is in. Did you see Stargate Universe? He is so good at playing that character you should probably hate, but have to love! I am very interested to see how the show progresses. The creativity keeps me engaged despite what I think is a cheesy quality in some of the writing and cenimatography.


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