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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I shouldn't have, but I did.

I took my little sister to the mall the other day to get a Build-a-Bear and then she asked to go into the Disney store. I already had Pooh Bear and Mickey, but I saw Kermit and Sully and I just couldn't help myself. I'm in the middle of job hunting and really shouldn't be making frivolous purchases, but sometimes a girl needs friends. Especially in the middle of job hunting.

So yeah, that is one thing I do when I'm in minimal-writing-limbo period.

The other thing I do is watch a lot of TED and VSauce.

Did you know that in a perfect world, mirrors reflect every color, but in our less-than-perfect world, they are the slightest bit green?

Did you know that one year after either winning the lottery or losing function of their legs, the lottery winners and paraplegics reported equal levels of happiness with their lives?

Did you know that yawning is contagious because of emotional empathy, as well as a herd instinct from our earlier years, and that autistic kids and other socioemotional handicapped people exhibit much less contagious yawning?

Did you know that when Toy Story was first pitched to Tom Hanks, he said "You don't want me to sing, do you?" Not surprising, given that the successful children's films of the time were Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast.

Basically I've been spending a lot of time having my mind blown. And applying for jobs. But also having my mind blown.

What blows your mind?

Sarah Allen


  1. Best of luck on the job hunting front! Hope you find something you'll enjoy (and perchance get rich at doing!)

  2. What blows my mind is that two (you and me, that is) smart, capable, willing women haven't found jobs yet! What is wrong with the world???

  3. There's always room for a little green, Sarah. :)

  4. I don't think I knew any of that. :) Hmm, the things you can learn! And good luck on the job hunting, I know that can be super stressful.

  5. wow that lottery thing astounds me--good luck with the job searching!

  6. Applying for jobs is such a frustrating process. I am constantly looking for something in the writing field, so I am essentially always applying for jobs. It is exhausting sometimes! So I definitely understand the need for friends, especially cute, cuddly Disney ones!

  7. Stay your spunky self and keep seeking. You'll find your next step where you're supposed to be in life.

  8. Whoa. I loved those facts you shared!


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