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Friday, August 10, 2012

Movie Review: Peter Pan, 1953

This week I watched Peter Pan, for the first time in a long time, and I made a discovery:

I really, really do not like Peter.

Frankly, he is obnoxious. He is everything I dislike in the stereotypical teenage boy. Cocky, self-serving, thinks everyone is made for him to boss around, and completely ignores Wendy and treats her like an object, to the point of nearly coming across as sexist, although that may just be the fifties. He treats everyone else as naive and stupid because they haven't had the same experiences and don't have the same skill set (slash flying) that he does. I really have no idea what Wendy sees in him, or why Tinkerbell even sticks around, let alone get's jealous. Also, does anyone find his joy in tormenting Captain Hook out of all proportion at the end the slightest bit sadistic?

Ok, so there's my rant against Peter. Given all that I am clearly on the side of Captain Hook. And Mr. Darling, too, actually, and I'm not sure I appreciate how condescending and "perfect" the rest of the family comes across, when he's trying the best he can and just has a little temper problem. That's normal, isn't it?

But back to Captain Hook. Seriously, he makes up for Peter. One of the greatest comedic antagonists ever. The stuff with him and Smee and the boat and running away from the crocodile made me laugh out loud. Hans Conried did a fabulous job on the voice acting. The animation was great too; Hook is like a head taller than everyone else, including the other pirates, and he walks like it, sort of sweeping and hunch-shouldered.

Also, the choir and orchestration in Peter Pan is so beautiful and so fabulously fifties it totally has this nostalgic feel to it. When I hear other music from the fifties I often think, "Hey, that sounds like Peter Pan."

Anyway, Peter Pan is a classic and deserves it, but more for the villain and side characters than for Peter himself. I'm not surprised so many Peter Pan spin-off works have Hook as more of the good guy.

Sarah Allen


  1. Sarah, you're so cute. Anyway, I know a lot of men with the Peter-Pan-Syndrome. They never want to grow up and they'll tell you that, too.


  2. I never liked Pan, either--so childish! Which, I guess, is the point of Neverland. :)

  3. I got the book for Christmas a few years ago and discovered, to my surprise (given the Disney portrayal), that it's really not a very nice book at all! Peter's real personality really shines through, especially when he has "make believe" dinners for the Lost Boys and the poor boys go without any real food. All I could think is "Wow, Barrie doesn't seem to think much of children!"

  4. Oh goodness! Since childhood, my crush on Peter (animated or not!) has likely blinded me to his cocky, arrogant ways. Or I convinced myself that this was charming. I completely get what you are saying in terms of his character....but he's just sort of likeable somehow! Disney version Peter, anyway! A stupid boy, yes, but harmless.

  5. I haven't seen Peter Pan in way too long, but I can definitely agree that Hook makes the story - at least, he makes it more fun. I do like Peter, however, probably because I don't really like Wendy all that much, so I don't mind when he ignores her. :) He is a stupid boy though, I'll give you that. :)


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