Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vlogging

So I feel like I've put up a lot of videos lately, and I apologize if that's annoying. But I'm going to do it again today, although I'll try and back off for the next few posts at least :)

Anyway, anybody else do a vlog? See, the thing is, YouTube has made video sharing incredibly easy. And if you look at site usage, YouTube is growing and growing in popularity, while blogging is on a downhill slope. I still love blogging and don't plan to change anything there, but in trying to do whatever I can to make a writing career, I figure one may as well use every tool available that we can. And YouTube is one of them, and besides, it's fun.

Besides big potential marketing power, it's also just fun to connect with people in this kind of visual, more personal way. Actually seeing their face and hearing them talk brings a whole new type of connection. One worth trying for, I think.

If you're looking for stellar examples of phenomenal YouTube vlogs, my first stop no question would definitely be Vlogbrothers by John and Hank Green. They are hilarious, generous, and incredibly, incredibly smart. Another vlog I would highly recommend is by Jackson A Pearce. She is also awesome and sweet and funny and smart.

With that, here's me doing what I can. My vlog is called Dear Muse, and I try to give tips and story ideas to get the muses back to work. If any of you are YouTubers, I would love to connect with you. (Subscribe/comment, hint hint!). Anyway, the latest installment of Dear Muse, more soon to come:
Hope you enjoy :)

Sarah Allen


  1. Girl:

    Where do you find the time?


  2. You are diverse and ambitious! I learned a lot from the Plot Whisperer vlog series.

  3. Cool vid, definitely more personal then reading, loved it :)

  4. Great video.

    Personally, I try to avoid seeing and hearing myself as much as possible!

  5. Hey Sarah,nice to meet you. Great vlog. Have to admit even the idea scares me to death.

  6. Hi Sarah, fun vlog! I think 90% of all writers and artists go through the "blank" phase of having zero ideas. And then, ideas seem to float in. It's kind of magical. I think the concept of the sucky muse is really funny. Or maybe you have, say three or four muses, and when one or two runs out of ideas, you can call on another one!
    Anyway, good luck with figuring out that new idea, and, really, don't sweat it!

  7. I have yet to make a Vlog. Props to you for making yours. Its a great way to get to know each other a little better.

  8. I would love to make a vlog but I sound so horribly awkward on camera that I decided to give up on the idea lol

    I've never heard of the site before but OMG thanks so much for sharing it! I like the idea of it.

    Congrats on the novel!

  9. I've never done a vlog. I've watched them, but haven't considered making one myself. Maybe when I'm a published author.

  10. Hi Sarah. New follower here. The thing I don't like about vlogs and youtube vids overall, is how they slow down your site. Bloggers that have a gazillion vids playing above their posts and within their posts lose me as it takes too long to open. I rarely embed a vid for that reason. Occasional is okay.


  11. Great Vlog! It is fun to hear people's voices and see their faces. Just checked out Vlogbrothers. Thank you for the recommendations!

  12. You are worried about the number of videos you've used??? Have you see my posts during this challenge?
    I have been a slave to youtube!

  13. I've not tried vlogging. I think everyone would laugh at my accent ;)

  14. I've not tried vlogging. IT sounds rather intriguing. I'm intimidated though as I am in no way computer savvy.

    I love Ted Talks, too. And Elizabeth Gilbert's talk sounds like one I need to check out immediately.

  15. Fun vlog! I want to post one at some point too. :)


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