Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Downton Abbey

Whew! Okay. I thought it had been long enough that I could be relatively calm and sane about writing about this show, but nope. Still giddy all over. I LOVE ALL THE DOWNTON THINGS!!!

Okay. But seriously. I know this show has gotten totally blown up huge, but I really feel like it was tailor made for my particularly quirks and kinks. The writing is in-freaking-credible, as is, of course, the acting. Of the entire bleeping cast. But right, I'll try and calm down enough to talk about why this show is so brilliantly fantastically amazing best thing ever and what we can learn from it.

Again, a brilliant entire cast. Every single character is complex and developed. They are generally sympathetic, but have flaws, sometimes pretty major ones, and even the very unsympathetic characters (Thomas and O'Brien) have small moments of potential sympathy inducing redemption. (Thomas and the blind soldier anyone?). This kind of character complexity is satisfyingly realistic, because we are all like that. We see people trying their best and sometimes doing the wrong thing and we can relate. The closest I can come to as full and complex a cast is Harry Potter.

The setting is absolutely gorgeous. Meticulously gorgeous.

The drama/story/plot is a really good mix of what I call world stakes and personal stakes. We have big world stakes like the Titanic and, you know, a world war, but we really care about these things and are drawn into them through the characters eyes and their "less" significant personal stakes like romantic drama and bickering old (hilarious) ladies and floral arrangement competitions and trying to do ones job with a limp. On a related note, why are limps so sexy? (see John Bates; Gregory House)

John Bates!!! Ah!!! Bates and Anna are my favorite thing ever. Every good story is at it's heart a love story, with lots of good pining and wishing and this show has it in spades. Mary and Mathew, Bates and Anna, and now we just need Edith and that boring old guy to end up together. And what about Lord Crawley's period of loneliness? Is he going to be okay?

It is all about characters, and caring about them, and this show proves it. This show would still be the awesomest thing ever if it was only this:

Enjoy :) And do yourself a favor, if you haven't already, and watch this show.

Sarah Allen


  1. I stopped watching TV a while back; the last shows I remember going crazy over was Heroes and Grey's Anatomy. But now that you've brought my attention to this, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it.

  2. Hello Sarah! I have only seen one episode of Downton Abbey but I LOVED what I saw! School has taken precedence and, alas, I've not been able to take the time to watch. But as soon as I have some free time ...

    This was a wonderful post! Enjoy the challenge!


  3. Maggie Smith was the star for me. All others were wooden in comparison.

  4. I agree with everything you said here. My friend Alyssa told me to watch the show, but I didn't bother until I was bored one week and poking around Netflix and saw it. Then I sent her a message along the lines of "OH MY GOD WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME MINERVA MCGONNAGAL WAS IN THIS SHOW?!" So that actress is what drew me in, but then I got really caught up in it.

    Edith and that boring old guy definitely need to get together.

    I'm glad they finally gave Thomas some sympathetic traits. It was annoying me that the only non-straight person on the show was a total toerag.

  5. I scoffed when I first heard about the show, but season 1 was free through Amazon Prime so I decided to check it out. Now I've watched all the first season and have paid for the first two episodes of season two. But... I still can't for the life of me put my finger on why I am compelled to watch this show. It's not that I find it very interesting, or particularly like any of the characters (though I do like Anna and Bates)... but still I find myself becoming engrossed. It's strange. There must be subliminal messaging.

  6. Hey thanks. I have like no life now because of this show (kidding). But really, this show is AMAZING. Maggie Smith is my favorite!!

  7. Yay! I am SO happy someone mentioned Downton Abbey. One of the very best shows. I'm obsessed. Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

  8. I looooove this show! We don't get TV shows/channels or (thus) watch TV, but my hubby and I just finished watching Season 1 on Netflix. We're sad not to be able to see any more of it. Sniff. Great "D" post!!! (Have you seen the spoof?--funny stuff! LOL)

    Downton Arby's

  9. I brought Season 1 to the hospital where I've just had a hip replacement and I am LOVING every minute of it. Maggie Smith - an acting deity as far as I'm concerned. Bates and Anna make my heart go pitty-pat. Wait, I need to go find my snuff box.

  10. Cool D post
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  11. i have not heard of downtown abbey.. you sure make it sound interesting...

  12. hello...i'm from Malaysia, was blogwalking and found your blog!
    we here finished the season 1 (slower than west countries), but I fall in love with the story, and definitely the characters!
    good story! can't wait to watch latest season.

  13. I watched the first series and loved it. I don't know what happened, I sat down and watched the first episode of the second series and then just thought I can't be bothered. Now I wish I'd kept up!

  14. I married to Matthew in my parallel life.
    When Maggie Smith dies, I will wear all black for month.
    Bates and Anna is proof that an enthralling, heart-wrenching romance on film doesn't require perfectly beautiful people.

    Great post . . . wish I'd thought of it :P
    Visit My Blog if you're interested in my simple, country life


  15. My wife has become addicted to this in the past year. I haven't let it get me down, though.


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