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Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Windowsills and Queen Victoria

I am not good at the whole sleeping thing. This is not new news. I've never in my life been good at it. It's mostly to do with my mind refusing to shut up. And so I've come to appreciate windowsills. After I've given up trying to sleep, or sometimes before I start trying, I open my window and sit and breath and let my brain run its course. It has become its own part of my nightly routine. This time of year is the best, when its cold but not frigid, and the air feels clean and your room and lungs feel cleaned out and then when you climb back under the blankets it feels nice and snuggly and warm.

I am good at watching movies. Tonight I watched Young Victoria. If you haven't seen it, you should. Emily blunt is beautiful. The movie is beautiful. Queen Victoria is inspiring, and there most definitely needs to be more Prince Albert's in this world.

I'm not quite sure what the connection is, except that I want me a Prince Albert and I really want me one of those Cavalier puppies, and as much awesome as there is in my life, and as much as I love it, sometimes I feel like there is a lot of waiting and waiting is hard, but it's made a little easier by things like windowsills. Victoria was strong, waited patiently for the future, worked hard in the present, and that seems a more than good enough example for me. We all have things we want, things we're waiting for, but in the meantime there is the moon and a windowsill.

Sarah Allen


  1. I'm not much good with sleeping either. I have the same problem where my brain doesn't like to shut up! The way you write makes me smile - you're so talented. :)

  2. I'm a terrible sleeper - I wish I had a windowsill that I could sit on :-(

  3. Sometimes I sleep like crap, other times like the dead. You have a perfect solution for those sleepless times, one I'll try next time.

  4. I think that's key, working hard in the present to get to that future we might see, looking out from the windowsill. Love that thought, windowsill gazing ...

  5. I'm the same way. I have to get in bed and read until I'm exhausted... and even that doesn't always work :)

    That movie IS wonderful. :D

  6. I'll add it to my Netflix, but honestly I have no idea when I will get to it. My queue is already 190+ titles long....

  7. i can sleep anywhere anytime. My mom neglected me a lot...I kid. I kid, sob!

  8. I wanted to see that movie. Glad to know it is a good one. Sleep and I have a love hate relationship. Monkey mind butts in all too often and keeps me awake. I love to go look at the moon in the middle of the night.


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