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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Its my special pen.

So I go through pen phases. I had a black bic one that I used for a long time, but then I lost it. Now I use the one I got from the bedside table at Days Inn.

I always take the pens from hotels. That's allowed, right? Sometimes I even leave notes on the notepad. Something sophisticated and non-creepy like, "I'm watching you," or "It was like that when we got here I promise." But I have pens from the Luxor, California Grand, Super 8, and a few others. When I lose one pen or it dries out, then I go to another one. I've probably got six pens in my ginormous green leather purse, but for some neurotic reason I'll dig through all of them to find the one I'm looking for. Right now, Days Inn. After that, who knows. Maybe Excalibur. That sounds cool just saying it. ("Hey, can I borrow a pen?" "I shall fetch Excalibur!")

Anyway, do you have any objects you sort of attach yourself too like some kind of totem or magic feather? Its habit for me, if I'm sitting for any length of time, to dig my notebook and my special pen out of my purse just to have them at the ready. Its good to have a special pen, especially when your current notebook is not so special. I used to have this gorgeous leather-bound black notebook that lasted me for years, but I eventually filled it, and now I'm on to this weird floppy dotted one that functions just fine, but I hope I can fill up fast. Then I'll get another cool leather one. Anyway. Special pens and special notebooks. Special words and special computers. I actually named my computer Baby. My car's name is Little Dorrit.

We writers are such special people.

Sarah Allen


  1. I hate to admit this, but I am a profound pen thief. It's done so innocently, neither I nor the person I'm robbing is aware I've taken it until it's too late.

    Mostly, it's like a security blanket for me. I like to doodle and I always have a pen handy. :)

  2. I too steal hotel pens! I have some good ones. I just stayed at a Days Inn last week but didn't take the pen because it was missing a lid. I knew that'd be a mess.

    My car is named Adam Corolla (a Toyota), my ipod is PaulPod (say it fast and know I like murderers), my desktop is Monica Wilson and my laptop is Happy Hour. Special people indeed!

  3. I think hotels expect you to take pens. And the little bottles of shampoo - which I always do because the size is so handy when packing for the next trip.

    At work there was a green handled screwdriver I liked to use. No idea why, but it always annoyed me if I reached for that screwdriver and someone else was using it.

  4. I take notepads. I have a ton of them from hotels, or things that arrive in junk mail. I was thrilled when one was in the Starcraft 2 game box.

  5. How funny...I haven't named my computer. Or my car. Or my pen or anything! Maybe I should remedy this...? ;o)

  6. Hahaha I love people that name things (like you!) because I also do so. Only I'm not as classy as you. My car is named the Jokermobile and my computer is named Lucius Malfoy, just for starters. :)

    As far as constant writing companions, though, I am one of the pretentious ones who obsessively tote their little moleskins. It's like a combo journal/sketchbook/writing place.

  7. I'm miffed because SBJones got a notepad in his Starcraft 2 box and we didn't. Was it the special edition?

    On topic, I'm a pen thief too, but so is my daughter so I usually know where to find my favourites :-)

  8. Pens are like cars - steal, abuse, discard!

  9. This said, I do have certain pens, and notebooks, which hold my special regard. This sort of thing is fun for writers to think about, isn't it? A moment off work but excusably work-related...


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