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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Writing Goals

Happy June 1st, everyone! The days are getting longer and warmer, vacations and family reunions are looming, all great stuff, but sometimes the crazy, lazy, spontaneous nature of summer can make keeping up with the writing a little difficult. Here are a few summer goals that can help keep all of us on track.

Be smart about scheduling writing time. You may not be on a normal schedule, and things might be changing every day. But its still possible to make things work by taking them a day at a time. Plan just a day in advance, and you can be prepared to take advantage of any spare moments you can grab.

Always have a book. While your driving to the beach, waiting to pick up from soccer camp, take the spare minutes to read a page or two. It will keep words and ideas flowing through and rejuvenating your mind.

Learn from and take advantage of all your fun and exciting summer adventures. Vacations are a perfect time to people watch. Learn about and explore the new places you're visiting, you may be able to use the details for plot, characters or setting. Be observant, and don't be shy about promoting your work either.

I hope this helps. What other ideas or plans or goals do you have for your writing this summer?

Sarah Allen


  1. Thanks for the advice! I plan to write LOTS over this summer.

  2. I actually think I'll get more writing done during the summer since my daughter isn't in school. We don't have the normal bedtime routine since she gets to stay home with dad and doesn't have to go to daycare. :-)

  3. Summer is a wonderful time to work in writing, but some people have problems with all the freedom and prefer the cooler months with school and regimented activity. The educationtipster.blogspot is doing a virtual book tour at the end of June but does more writing away from the gardening and bbq-ing and all.

  4. Good advice. I also think summer is a good time to get filled up on "real life" memories that factor in when we're searching for ways to make our writing feel more real.

  5. I think I'm with most people in that once the warmer weather kicks in, the writing juices start to flow.

    As for me, just because where I live (next to a small mountain) it really gets the juices flowing. I feel I'm at my best during the spring and summer months for writing.

  6. My goals are to revise a book I've let sit for far too long, and get the first draft of my next book done. The revision is tough but not creatively challenging, hence the need to write something new this summer, too. Gotta keep the creative juices flowing!


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