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Friday, June 10, 2011

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides

Ok. It's late, but here are my quick thoughts, after my second time seeing it.

Happy happy happy for any chance to see Johnny Depp and Geoffory Rush, and Captain Jack is sexy.

So relieved to be rid of Kiera and Orlando. Sorry, but its the truth.

The first pirates is still totally the best, and I still think they should have stopped there, but I think I actually enjoyed this new one more then 2 and 3.

Plot was not great, kind of sketchy.

Cleric dude and mermaid story was cute, they both provided the eye-candy they were meant for. Meh. Whatever.

Some great Jack and Barbosa moments, which is the main point for me anyway. "We shall need a cross-bow, an hourglass, three goats and one of us must learn to play the trumpet while the other goes like this." And come on, the whole movie is worth it just for the part when Barbosa puts on his really big hat.

Most of all I want that screen shot of Johnny coming up in the fog as the wallpaper in my room, with the famous grinning over his shoulder from the first movie for the other wall. And the music of course was awesome.

What did you think?

Sarah Allen


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but am thinking that it'll keep until dvd.


  2. I've only ever seen the first one, and I enjoyed it a lot! Johnny Depp is terribly sexy, and also one of the most talented actors working today. Geoffrey Rush is such a good actor it's ridiculous..I might still check out the rest of the 'Pirate' movies..I like your idea for wallpaper! lol!

  3. I haven't seen it yet, either. But I agree about Kiera and Orlando. Their story is over.
    I've always liked Johnny as an actor but I think he is absolutely delicious as Captain Jack Sparrow.

  4. I liked it! I'm always happy to see Jack Sparrow again.

    I also liked the mermaid story -- I was left wanting to know what happened to him. Maybe they will bring that back up if they do another one.

    The Write Soil

  5. I loved it. But then again I expect only a few things from Pirates movies--Pirate!Johnny Depp being hot, and hanging out with Pirate!Geoffrey Rush and them being silly together. And pirate fights. And that's what I got.

    It was interesting seeing them construct a movie around what are essentially supporting characters--Jack at his weirdest is a little too weird to structure a mainstream movie narrative around, and I noticed they toned him down quite a bit. He wasn't as dodgy or crazy as he was in previous installments because he had to be, more or less, the protagonist.

  6. I reviewed this movie too -

    I love Johnny Depp (although he was pretty bad in The Tourist).

    I was glad to be done with Orlando and Keira too - I enjoyed Penelope and the spark between her and Depp, too. It would something to the next movie if they sizzled a little together - may be kissed? I'm a romantic - what can I say.

    For your interest - I just wen to see Jane Eyre (2011 version) and its splendid. I'll be doing a review of it soon.

    Shah. X


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