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Monday, February 8, 2010

My poem is being published in the Tipton Poetry Journal!!!

I just received the awesome news! I came home from classes to a rejection from Versal magazine, which is the norm, but I just barely got an email from Barry Harris of The Tipton Poetry Journal accepting one of my poems called "Night Terrors"! I've been published in BYU's literary magazine Inscape, but this is the first time regular, old-fashioned researching and submitting has gotten me accepted, and it is definitely my first success outside of Utah. I am ecstatic! My work has never really been published in print magazine format, so I am so excited to get the contributor copy in the mail. The magazine is also posted online, so I will, rest assured, announce when that is up. I will forever remember and bless Indiana for being the first to let me in.

So let this be a lesson to all: if I can do it, you can! I sent them a batch of poems, and the one they chose isn't the one I would have picked, so you never know what will work for certain people. Don't let that stop you, let it encourage you! Have confidence in yourself and just get your stuff out there. Just keep submitting.

Thanks anyone who reads this for reading it. Even just knowing that my blog is read is encouraging. So thank you.

And keep writing!

Sarah Allen


  1. Congrats! Must feel good. I haven't been published in print since 1989. I avoid submitting most of the time...some kind of bizarre uncoping mechanism.

    To cure myself, I'm trying to empty my notebooks onto my blog and finish my first SF novel. I have the bizarre feeling that tossing large portions of my extant portfolio to the picky wolf of the public interest will help me. So far, it's mostly just a lot of typing. Over the years, I've gone from two fingers to two plus several occasional others, but I still wish I was rich and could have a nice lady transcriptionist who would also sing sweetly and make sandwiches whilst I chewed my notebooks and foamed in the corner.

    I know what you mean about not actually knowing what of your own work will be successful. My most popular thing ever was a freaked-out blog post even I find a little strange. If I hadn't locked the blog it was on, it would have kept soaking up hits (it's back up under 'Eagle Parables#1' on the new one).

    Good luck and keep on scrivening, as well as typing, posting, plotting, planning, and publishing!


  2. Congratulations, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your good news with us. Writers need to support other writers, and you do a good job of that.

  3. Thank you both! I encourage you to submit your writing. Don't let anything get in your way.


  4. Congratulations! I know it's well deserved!

  5. Thanks Kim! Best of luck on your writing.


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